American Horror Story: Roanoke Finale

A Bittersweet, Twisted, Unsatisfying End

The episode starts with the biggest, most relatable 4th wall break of the season:


Bristol Windows, a super fan, in a vlog about the show.  It’s like looking in a mirror, isn’t it?


After a long and arduous 2016 we can all agree with Bristol Windows that our shows keep things bearable, but we have come to yet another finale.

Relive the final episode of Season 6 with us for one last recap.

The episode started slow as hell.  This isn’t even by this seasons standards, just in general we don’t get an action or suspense sequence until 20 minutes in.

Even the highlights on Lee’s trial begin by telling us the outcome, and then showing how she managed to escape conviction on murder chargers.  0 suspense, just information being thrown at us.

TGON Comments:  We give credit for the idea of the Polk’s marijuana crop containing an “unusual” hallucinogen, and the idea to show the jurors the uncut footage of Lee’s mutilation was genius.


Then fans got the moment they had been foaming at the mouth all week for.  The Lana Winters’ Special (Kudos to Lana Winters for speaking more clearly than Barbara Walters)

The interview is tense on both sides, and the only interview Lee agreed to do, which she explained was because of Lana’s experiences in Asylum. Note a special fourth wall break when Lana says Lee even turned down an interview with Barbara Walters.  We also finally get to the plot point:  Flora has distanced herself from Lee, and then Flora went missing right before the interview.  Lana of course accuses Lee, who is obviously worried and distraught about her missing daughter.

The interview is then interrupted by this rudeness:


That’s right.  Lot brought an assault weapon to the Lana Winters Special.

TGON Comments:  Many fans took to social media stating they were annoyed at the timing of his appearance, as Lee had gone through a full trial without being disturbed.  I believe it had little to do with the notoriety of the occasion, but court rooms are heavily guarded (especially for such high profile cases) and this would’ve been the first time he would have known where she would be and actually be reachable

Lana then makes a big mistake trying to reason with an inbred cannibal and in an underwhelming plot twist gets melee-d in the face by Lot.


And in no universe does it make sense for him to not shoot her or Lee on the spot.  Even on the spot, Lot seems like a person to take the shot and not over analyze the plot (I’m not sorry for that, and you’re welcome for the exclusion of the term “thot”).


Then he wastes time with more dialogue and gets blown away by authorities before even getting the kill he came for.

Having apparently missed the theme of not one but two seasons of Roanoke Spirit Chasers decide to film an investigation of the haunted property. They apparently also missed the definition of star, or the point of either season when introducing their special guest:


In the first few hours Lee pops up like a random RPG encounter, asking very pragmatic questions (some things never change)


And when they don’t listen she starts to get impatient,  and then she gets real (and we see how fed up and broken she is, but honestly it was the one line this episode that made us laugh)


(She also tells them they deserve to die)


And then they do.  Even the ones that try to run, and the cops that showed up.


It only took 3 years for them to show up, so that’s what they get.


We should note that Lana survives, and the final scenes of the show chronologize Lee’s last moments with Flora.  Apparently filming that confession was a horrible idea and Flora can’t forgive her.  Flora has the brilliant idea to kill herself to spend time with Priscilla so she would always have a friend.  How sweet.

Lee of course wants her daughter to have a full life and not be stuck on the property for eternity with a murderous mob of spirits, so she does the only sensible thing.


Of course she does not spank the ungrateful little brat and drag her home to resent her like a normal mom, she offers to die and stay and take care of a little girl’s ghost.


In one last act of brilliance Lee douses the house in accelerate (maybe leftovers from murdering her man Mason?) and the gunshot that takes her life starts a fire that engulfs the house.  A brilliant move that hopefully gives Flora nothing to come back to.

Did we mention Priscilla pulls the trigger?  Because Priscilla pulls the trigger.


There are a million unanswered questions and things that fell through the cracks.  But we can undoubtedly say the one survivor of the season was never meant to be Lee–it was Flora.


Author: Michael

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