The New Year is just around the corner, and many of you will be out partying and watching the ball drop in the cold or hot temperatures in big cities. If you are like me, that isn’t your scene, and you would rather be home chillin’ in your PJs. Don’t fret. I have you covered with some ideas on how to have a nerdy new year. 

Play Board Games

Settlers of Catan board set up. All rights to Yonghokim via Wikimedia Commons

A great way to pass the time is to play your favorite board games. Ask a couple of your friends or have your family over for a daily game day. So grab Monopoly, 5 Minute Marvel, Catan (my favorite), and sit down with your favorite snacks and drinks and roll those dice and place those game pieces. 

Watch Your Favorite Movies

I mean, Lord of the Rings has an extended trilogy that will last practically all day even longer if you add in The Hobbit trilogy! Or there is Harry Potter, which is an eight movie marathon. Are you more of a space nerd? Star Wars has a few movies, from what I heard. Or watch the Christmas movies you didn’t get to last week. Of course, if you invite people over to watch with you, it makes it even more fun. However, even alone, this is a fun way to celebrate the end of another crazy year. 

Dress For the Occasion 

Be the nerdiest and wear your best geeky apparel. So grab those PJs, t-shirts, and sweatpants and get in the mood for the watch-a-thon or game-a-thon. Or wear your favorite nerd-wear under a dress coat and make it fancy if you are attending a small gathering or dinner party. 

Bake Your Favorite Nerdy Treats

Pumpkin Pasties freshly baked! All rights reserved to Nicole on Flickr.

Are you attending a New Years’ potluck? Bake/cook a nerdy treat or two to bring along! Love pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter? How about BB-8 cake pops? Or every elf’s favorite cross-country, filling treat, Lembas bread. Or, if you are feeling super fancy, make an extravagant cake! You can even keep it simple and have some butterbeer or blue milk, berries, and cream. 

You can do all this for yourself or your family when staying in. So have fun and make all the treats (and share it with us)!

Get Creative

Keep with the theme easily! These ones came from a bakery, but you can easily pop open a can of cinnamon rolls and pop ’em in the oven to remain on theme! All right reserved to Elena Roussaki via Flickr.

Don’t want to bake? Get funky! Have themed treats without the fuss. For example, get some onion rings, funyuns, or pineapple rings to have the “ring” part of “Lord of the Rings.” Don’t drink? You can find butterscotch flavored pop in place of butterbeer.

For a more magical treat, take pretzel sticks and add peanut butter cups on the end to make a broomstick. You can also use pretzel sticks and dip them in chocolate for a chocolate wand. For a healthier option, you can skewer fruit, leaving the end to hold onto for a magical wand snack. This idea can also work to make yourself mini lightsabers, add food coloring to white chocolate! 

Happy New Year, Nerds!