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We open to Stewie in tumbling class. Stewie tries a somersault and kinda does one. Doug, who as you know is Stewie’s rival, shows up and does a perfect one. Everyone was excited about how perfect of a somersault Doug did.

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Chris, God help his soul, asks Peter for help with girls. My jaw dropped when all he did was recommend some iconic 80s movies. On VHS too. The next day, Stewie takes his turn at show and tell. He shows off Peter’s conch shell. The other students were less than wowed. Doug interrupts Stewie to show off his show and tell. The kids love it, and the teacher nominates him for an award.

Chris gets brought home by Joe for stalking. Stupid 80s movies. Stewie is trying to figure out how to get his classmates’ adoration. A Frisbee got stuck on the jungle gym, and everyone said they were too scared to get it, including Doug. So Stewie said he would the next day. Lois tries to get it through Peter’s thick skull that he needs to chill out with the 80s. But, of course, Peter hears none of it.

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The next day Stewie was excited to get underway when up comes Doug, wanting to go along. Doug and Stewie decide on a race to get the Frisbee. Stewie gets stuck, but after he gets the Frisbee. Peter tried to find a new decade to love. Finally, Lois loses it. She really lets Peter have it.

How can Stewie and Doug be caught in a storm at the top of the jungle gym, and their parents have no clue? What the hell? Does Stewie gain his classmates’ approval for getting the Frisbee? Does Peter pick up anything that Lois is laying down? Even remotely? Please give me your thoughts on this episode in the comments below. Until next time…