Well. That is a way to start an episode. Hello, and welcome to ‘The Good Doctor’ season finale. Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun decides to go to a bar at 10 am, and almost gets into a fight with another patron. The other guy suddenly loses balance and falls, hitting his head and begins to bleed. Shaun comes in with the patient, but is reluctant to come into the hospital. Claire talks to him, pointing out he is more than just a doctor. She asks him what he wants, and he turns the question onto her, and she admits she wants to fall in love, and be someone notable. Shaun says he thinks he would be a good father, but doesn’t know how to fall in love. Claire decides to try and teach Shaun how to date. It is super awkward but actually really cute. I love it. Then he admits he is worried she will say no. And Claire explains she will. And he will fall in love again. And he will be fired again. But another opportunity will come again. And he will learn and grow.

As Zack’s, the guy from the bar, tox screen comes back, Claire mentions how his alcohol levels were low. Shaun makes a comment about how his gait was off and he might have neurological issues if he wasn’t drunk. Turns out he told everyone he found Zack unconscious, and Claire is concerned, asking why Shaun would lie, if Zack had done something to him. Shaun peaces out real fast. In the bathroom, he reveals a badly bruised side. He brings a blood sample to Carly, asking her to run it, but she is reluctant. Points out he isn’t a doctor, and doesn’t have a patient. Shaun claims it is Claire’s patient, but begins to take the sample away. Carly stops him, and asks the symptoms of the patient. She clearly knows it for hi. But then he says the patient is coughing up blood. Not good. She finds him later, and has the results, mentioning pneumonia, but then Shaun says it was trauma induced. Carly is shaken, and actually writes a prescription for the ‘patient’. 

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun goes to Zack’s room, who is very confused as to his stalkerish person. Shaun asks why he is sad, before going on a small rant about how he wasn’t supposed to be at the bar, but at a job interview. Suddenly, Shaun has a brain blast, and realizes Zack doesn’t have rhabdo, but needs immediate treatment. He says trampoline, before passing out. Turns out he had a rib fracture. Claire and Lim talk about his condition. Zack pages Claire, who is very standoffish, until he says Shaun claimed they were wrong. Lim and Claire bounce the word trampoline back and forth but then Zack crashed. Melendez joins the conversation, but Melendez points out they should be able to figure this out without Shaun. To disregard the word trampoline. Claire tries to get into his mindset. Suddenly, she shouts for an OR. Getting into Shaun’s mindset opened her eyes to the fact Zack misheard him, and she figured his illness based on a pulsing neck vein.  Eda is a patient with Park and Morgan. Older lady, abdominal surgery, but a talker, asking about marriages and children. Morgan notices the stitches look a bit infected, and they decide to wait one more day. She is about to be released the next day, when she accidentally knocks over a glass, and complains about numb fingers. For some reason, a weird red flag is raised. I think she is faking symptoms to stay more because she is lonely. Park is in agreement it would seem. Morgan, on the other hand, is worried, and wants to run more tests. Melendez is in agreement with Morgan. As they are running the tests, Park tells Eda when the tests come back negative, she will be discharged. She calls him out on the pretense of when, and asks if he thinks she is making it up. He says he does. And then she says he is right. Eda confesses her daughter had leukemia. When she was 9, the doctors told her she didn’t have a chance. Chemo would be cruel, but she pushed for it. And Junie now has 3 kids of her own. Now she is old, and doctors give her even less credit. As they get the results back from neuro, she is cleared, but Morgan notes drainage from the sutures. Sadly, Park calls her out on the fact her drainage is actually her kale slushie, and she will be discharged that afternoon. Morgan finds out Eda’s daughter never made it past her 9th birthday. They are respectful but professional as they discharge her, and Park even apologizes for his rudeness earlier in her visit.

Dr. Andrews and Dr. Han talk. Andrews feels like the firing of Shaun could of been handled better. Han thinks everyone has not given Shaun any challenges, and feels like they are babying him. Dr. Andrews, who all through Season 1 did not like Murphy, is now trying to get his job back. Andrews actually visits Shaun in the hospital, noting he missed a job interview with San Jose general. Shaun brings up Steve, saying “whenever people want you to do something they think is wrong, they say it’s ‘reality'”. Been like 30 episodes since Steve was brought up! Andrews looks… touched. 

Oh God Aaron popped the question. Out of nowhere. To Debbie. Who gently lets him down, saying they need to date for a bit. But then Shaun is hospitalized. Glassman talks with Lea as they wait for Shaun to wake up, and he makes a comment about how he is glad she cares for him, so when she breaks his heart, she will do it nicely. He then goes toe to toe with Han, to try and get Shaun’s job back. Points out Shaun inspires. Han points out he fired Shaun because he was irrational, and could not be controlled. But in an awe inspiring move, Dr. Andrews decides to fire Han. Wow. Just wow. 
Melendez and Lim are talking with who I assume is their Human Relations Manager, asking about their relationship. I love the back and forth, quick witted lines they keep shooting to each other. And wow. That kiss in the ER. Oh. OH! PDA! AND EVERYONE IS STARING. I love it. Later, Morgan congratulates Melendez on the couple, stating they are a good match. But with the firing of Han, a new Chief of Surgery is needed, and Melendez brings up if one of them is chosen, the other would have to quit or step down. Lim asks what about, not taking the promotion. Melendez says the past month has been great, but who would be crazy enough to turn down the Head of a department. Did your heart break too? She asks if he would, and he says no, and returns the question back. Lim says no, and Melendez then smiles and says good, Aoki will be calling with the promotion any minute. 

Oh God, this rollercoaster. Lea comes home to Shaun in a nice jacket, with flowers and chocolates. He asks her if he can ask a question, and Lea is hesitant, before he asks if he looks nice, and then dips out the door. Glassman decides to try his hand with Debbie again, explaining they can date, date, and date, and waste time. Or, they can accept how they feel, and take the dive? She says yes. Then we flash to Shaun, who is knocking on Carly’s door, and asks her out on a date. And she says yes!! Takes the flowers and chocolates with him, and walks away. Guess Claire forgot to mention you Leave the gifts with the person you like. 

I really am satisfied, once more, by the writing done with this team, and the way the actors portrayed the characters. They tied up enough loose ends, but created new ones for the next season to work with but not leave us with a crazy cliff hanger. Time and again I am amazing at the story telling skill this team creates, and I am thankful to be able to review such an amazing series. Until next Season, stay shiny!