This season of US Lego Masters has proven itself to be bigger and better than its predecessor. We saw death-defying cliffhangers last week, fashionable hats, and not too terrifying puppets. These builds have brought Zack, Wayne, Mark, Steven, Caleb, and Jacob to this moment. We have seen highs and lows for all the teams, and it all comes down to this last build.

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Source: GeekWire

The Final Challenge

The trio of brothers must set out to craft the most impressive build yet. While they have free reign to make whatever they wish, there is one other condition the teams must meet. Their build must have a night look and a day look. This means when the lights go out, the build should use spectacular lighting, movement, and more. With only 24 hours, they had to hustle to become the next Lego Master. In addition to winning the title of Lego Master, the winning build will earn the team $100,000, a super cool trophy, and the build will be put on display at Legoland Florida.

The Builds

ParticipantsBuild Title
Zack and WaynePagoda Of Our Lives
Mark and StevenWarden Of The Woods
Caleb and JacobThe Lands Of Time
A table of the teams, and the title of their final build.

Pagoda Of Our Lives

Their Asian heritage-inspired Zack and Wayne’s final build with a towering pagoda and two dragons slithering down the sides. The dragons represented yin and yang and were making their way from a dragon’s gate, inside the pagoda depicted several scenes. These included a sushi restaurant, ninjas, archy, and their family. During the day, the focus was the pagoda, but the scenes from their lives showed through by night. It was truly an impressive build.

Warden Of The Woods

Mark and Steven also drew inspiration from their childhoods for their build. They loved “rock-skipping” and playing in the forest as children. So naturally, they built a towering forest creature that protected the environment. This build was already filled with color, mushrooms, and personality by day. However, when the lights went out, Warden Of The Woods turned magical. The water was illuminated, as well as his staff and eyes. It was indeed a sight to behold.

The Lands of Time

Finally, Caleb and Jacob took a more direct approach with their day and night build. They created a giant hourglass with the day world at the bottom and the night world was upside down. The day world was a bustling town with spinning parts and mini-figs going about their day. Night world had adorable bats flapping their dark wings against an even darker landscape. This build was magnificent, especially when the lights were out.

The Winner of Lego Masters USA

After the final viewing of these builds with the lights on and off, the time came. Jamie and Amy had to pick a winner from these totally different builds. After weighing their options, they decided on the following results.

Caleb and Jacob Third Place
Zack and Wayne Second Place
Mark and Steven First Place
A table of the participants and their final ranking

The winners of this season of Lego Masters were Mark and Steven! Their build earned them the title of Lego Masters, a Lego trophy, and $100,000. After a tearful acceptance and smiles, the show faded to black and thus ended another season of Lego Masters. If you want to keep getting your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.