Time to be humble guys.  I know we all want the best of things, but sometimes you have to be happy with what you got, right?  Well not for Caroline.  I guess growing up rich makes you a bit entitle huh?

Well it all starts with Caroline being all “business minded” (as usual), but this time she is using some interesting marketing techniques for Max’s Homemade Cupcakes.  Using interesting phone apps, she gets invited for a posh food tasting.  Surprisingly though, Caroline ops out of it to go with Max to a basketball game (because it turns out that Oleg’s cousin is on a National Basketball team- yeah, who knew, right).  According to Oleg, the seats are in the VIP section, which of course means quite the opposite.  Instead, Max and Caroline are in the nose bleeding/LGBQT/homeless section.

In her usual style, Carolyn is not settling, and whines and complains.  She quickly stops when she notices a VIP couple arguing and leaving their seats.  So off to the VIP section they go!  Once they get there, Caroline sees Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy.  Lucky for her, Caroline has some Cupcake Fliers in her person, and to Max’s chagrin she gives one to Blue’s nanny that just walks by.  Great marketing skills Caroline, too bad you made Max spill her beer all over the court, leading to a 12 man pile-up.  Oops!

Literally running from a mob, Max and Carolyn try to hide, but they pick the worst spot; the ice tub inside the losing basketball team’s locker room.  Right when they feel they are safe, the ice tub get filled with just that; ICE!  I think this a good time to exit stage right (but leave you lost dignity here please).

Another person that needs a reality check is Sophie, who want to pick the genes of her and Oleg’s non- existent baby.  That is until their doctor wants $60,000.  Oh well, I guess they have to do it the old fashion way (and let’s admit it, it not like they don’t enjoy the baby-making process).

This 2BG review was brought to you by the letter “H”, because when are broke, you need to happy with what you got!

This Weeks Total: $280.00