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We open to Halloween in the Griffin’s neighborhood. Lois is Marge Simpson which, I think is a riot. Peter is Chris Farley’s character from SNL, Meg is a sailor girl and out trick or treating when she runs into Mator West who is dressed like Borat in his green bathing suit (?).

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Quagmire is giving out fruit to trick or treaters. I keep forgetting that Quagmire is his last name and his first name is Glenn. A lady named Carrie is taking her niece trick or treating and Quagmire seems interested in her. Stewie has a huge sack of candy. He is the OMG! Reaction gif. Brian is dressed up as a biker.

The next day, Quagmire and Carrie have a date. He finds out she is a dog person. We all know how Quagmire feels about dogs. Carrie says she can’t be with someone who doesn’t love dogs. Now Quagmire must find a dog. His brilliant idea is to use Brian.

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Quagmire is pretending to love dogs and Brian is trying to talk sense into him. Quagmire reveals to Brian that he loves Carrie. What does Brian do? He gets Quagmire engaged now Carrie is moving into Quagmire’s house with ALL her dogs. Brian is loving it. Quagmire is going insane.

Why would Quagmire lie about loving dogs? He hates them. How is he putting up with so many dogs for so long? Does Quagmire go on to head down the aisle? Or does he lose it all over the place? Would you lie about loving an animal for a relationship? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

Source Seat42F