Last week’s challenge was dubbed the most extreme one yet. However, this build is taking Lego to new heights. Well, mainly cliffs. This week’s episode is all about cliffhangers and the “Castle Bros” title on the line. This build determines who will be in the finale and who will be left hanging. First, let us take a look at the challenge.

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

The episode began with some fanfare. Two Lego trumpeters beckoned the teams forward. They were greeted by walls adorned with ten two-studs-out bricks barely peeking out. Next, Knight Jamie came out in full clad metal plate to announce the arrival of Princess Amy and Lord William the Great. That is right, folks; we are looking at a castle challenge. However, this is not any ordinary castle challenge. It is also the cliffhanger!

The players must build a castle on the sheer cliff face previously mentioned, with only those ten bricks keeping the castles anchored. While the team with the longest build will automatically be in the finale, there are other criteria. Jamie and Amy were looking at aesthetics, story, and technical mastery. With only 12 hours to craft, the builders were in for a challenge.

The Builds

Zack and WayneHeaven’s Castle
Mark and StevenGem Mine Castle
Caleb and JacobCollapsing Castle
Natalie and MichelleKid’s Cardboard Castle
A table of the participants and the name of their castle build.

Favorites and Least Favorites

Zack and Wayne had the longest build, which secured passage to the finale. Heaven’s Castle was inspired by their Asian heritage and paid homage to Wanye’s departed friend. It was a beautiful build that wowed the judges. Second, the judge’s favorite build was from Caleb and Jacob. The Collapsing Castle was not only aesthetically pleasing but had an exciting story. Since Caleb and Jacob beat out Mark and Steven, they now hold “Castle Bros.” Finally, the last team heading to the finale is Mark and Steven. Gem Mine Castle had the looks and story Jamie and Amy were looking for, which barely gave them an edge.

Unfortunately, this means that Natalie and Michelle will not be going into the finale. Before the pair departed, Natalie explained to Amy how inspiring she is to young girls everywhere, including her daughter. After a wildly emotional ending, hopefully, Natalie and Michelle understand that they serve as inspiration to young builders around the nation.

Odds and Ends

Overall, this was an emotional semi-finals episode. We saw a bit of Wayne’s softer side, and Natalie’s story about her daughter brought a tear to my eye. It was hard to see that pair leave, but I am excited to see where the finale leads. So, in the end, if you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode of Lego Masters and more on Hulu.