We open to Peter listening to the radio in the car as he drives and drinks coffee. Not only does he have terrible radio but he also has a nonworking air conditioning and gets pulled over for swerving.

Brian, Stewie and Chris bring back an item for return at a store for Brian and Stewie and Chris destroy the store. Lois is cooking dinner when Chris and Peter walrus fight. Then a bomb defuser and now a sweaty lawyer. Does he know when to quit?

Source TV Splurge

Brian is expected to pay back the $3,000.00 the fight at the store cost. Unfortunately, Chris can’t count to three and keeps getting lost. They are going to start a kickstarted to raise the money. They are going to say they are making a movie. Peter now has to stay at home to work. This probably won’t end well. The pitch movie clip was really out there. Lois is pulled in from “work” to for sexually touching Peter. The boys have to actually make the movie. Lois is quite tired of Peter at home.

What does Lois do about it? Do Brian, Chris, and Stewie make the movie or pay back the store? Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…