Gaming conventions are among the most popular ways for the global gaming community to come together. The past decade saw the gaming industry’s popularity skyrocketing, and new technology, systems, and games continue to premier each day. 

The most popular reason why gaming enthusiasts love these events is that they allow pre-premiers of new releases. Therefore, if you’re looking to explore the latest trends and what’s to come, visiting these conventions is an excellent way to spend time.

These events bring together enormous investments and tens of thousands of visitors. Consequently, the gaming industry’s tournaments are on par with the Olympics and have become big money. However, since there are numerous thrilling conventions worldwide, it can be challenging to pick which you’ll attend. Gamers’ choice usually relies on their preferred gaming style, game genre, and console type. Therefore, here are five such events you shouldn’t miss.

The Top Five Gaming Conventions For Avid Gaming Enthusiasts

If you’re a gaming scene novice, you might be wondering what a game convention really is. There are different definitions, but these events represent gatherings of like-minded gaming enthusiasts. The meetings usually last between two and three days with different game topics. Examples include board games, card games, role-play, video games, and more. 

Furthermore, you’ll find an incredible variety of activities and events within these conventions. For instance, you could attend a Q&A panel for a new game release and even have the chance to test that new gaming title. Additionally, perhaps there’s a new console scheduled to premiere soon, and you’d like to have a sneak peek. Additionally, you may want to simply spend some time with fellow gamers, but these events are tons of fun regardless of the reason. Here are the top five events in our opinion:

  • Gamescon
  • Brazil Games Show
  • E3
  • ChinaJoy
  • DreamHack.


When looking for one of the most significant gaming conventions worldwide, look no further than Gamescon. This event takes place in Germany and is always open to the general public. You’ll find hundreds of thousands of domestic and international attendees at this gathering. Consequently, Gamescon is rightfully one of the best and most significant events of its type across the industry.

In other words, this gathering is every gamer’s dream, thanks to more than 1,030 exhibitions offered to visitors. Previous Gamescon events have attracted more than 370,000 visitors from all over the world to see the gaming industry’s latest advancements. However, the last event took place digitally due to the global pandemic, but that doesn’t take away from its significance. 

Simultaneously, this convention is one of the world’s biggest and most significant cosplay events. Gamescon is a favorite among countless gaming enthusiasts and cosplayers because it is uniquely open and welcoming towards dedicated cosplay fans.

Brazil Games Show

This event is among the biggest of its kind globally, which speaks volumes considering the competition. There’s something for every visitor at this gaming event, with an exceptionally varied offering and massive size. One of the unique features of the Brazil Games Show is that this convention is the perfect opportunity for those attempting to build their reputation in the industry. This event is particularly welcoming to new developers and frequently showcases kickstarters.

More than 300,000 attendees find their way to this gaming convention every year, helping it become one of the most significant events in every gamer’s calendar. The main organizer, Marcelo Tavares, originally ran the event in Rio de Janeiro in 2009 but later moved it to Sao Paulo. Over its 12 years, the Brazil Games Show has grown by 296,000 visitors. Consequently, this event is simultaneously one of the fastest-growing among the competition. 

Since it continues to provide opportunities to industry newcomers, this convention is both extremely respectable and significant. You’ll typically see more enormous crowds at this show than many other events, regardless of its focus on newer and smaller names. Therefore, the Brazil Games Show is one of the best conventions in the world because of its sheer scale and originality.


This gathering of gaming enthusiasts reinvented conventions thanks to numerous achievements in its 26-year-long history. You can attend this annual event in Los Angeles, California, along with an average of 60,000 other visitors. Although E3 is open to the public nowadays, it used to be an invitation-only event. Companies presented their latest gaming systems and titles only at E3 by receiving an exclusive invitation from the organizers.

The change took place in 2018, and E3 became renowned for always hosting the biggest industry names. Visitors can attend a large conference at the end of the event to witness announcements of upcoming technologies, systems, and titles.


This event is a prominent option despite witnessing smaller crowds than other gaming conventions on our list. It is impossible not to consider Asia-based conventions popular. Numerous big industry names operate out of Asia (specifically, China). Indeed, you’ll see some of the biggest industry names at this event, even though the crowds aren’t as big as you might expect.

You may have heard of this event when referred to by its secondary name – the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference. Regardless, when it comes to Asia-based gaming events, it’s impossible to go bigger than ChinaJoy. You’ll also encounter music, literature, and art exhibitions besides gaming technologies here, and ChinaJoy also attracts technophiles.


This event usually takes place worldwide, but Sweden is home to the largest convention. You’ve probably head of DreamHack as a primarily eSports-gaming convention, but this iGaming branch isn’t its sole focus. Games like LoL, DotA 2, and CS:GO are widely present, providing a great environment for following and betting on matches. However, visitors can also find exhibits from other major companies here. Examples include Ubisoft and Nintendo. Regardless, placing your first bet on LoL can be daunting if you’re inexperienced, but this convention is typically full of more experienced individuals able to help you.

There are also unique treats available to visitors. Keep an eye out for the computer festival with the fastest internet speed of any con establishment. Also, consider visiting the world’s largest LAN party. Consequently, eager gaming competitors flock to DreamHack in their thousands every year. Additionally, you can also attend various digital arts competitions and live concerts at this event. DreamHack is one of the most famous gaming conventions worldwide and absolutely worth visiting.