Last week’s episode of Lego Masters had the teams’ building mashups of land and sea creatures. These clever monstrosities led many teams to victory but sadly left one floundering. This week, the participants take on a new challenge, turning drab to fab! We will be taking a look at how the players transformed cookie-cutter homes into creative spaces.

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

The teams walk on set to see Arnett excitedly talking about “extreme” builds. After he ripped off the sleeves of his plaid shirt, he explained the challenge. Players were tasked with turning monotone homes into works of art. Each team had to use every brick and incorporate a moving element and lots of colors. As if this challenge was not hard enough, a twist was added halfway through.

In addition to building extravagant homes, teams also had to incorporate a random crate item. NPU, or nice parts usage, proved difficult for some of the pairs. Players had the opportunity to grab Lego snowboards, coffee cups, snakes, or pink hair. In the end, the NPU crates and builds were as follows.

The Builds

ParticipantsBuildNPU Crate
Zack and WayneFlying PigSnowboards
Mark and StevenRock N’ Roll Haunted HouseCoffee Cups
Caleb and JacobSki ResortSnakes
Natalie and MichelleUnder the Big TopPink Hair
A table of the participants, build and chosen NPU crate.

Favorites and Least Favorites

Mark and Steven had difficulties with the movement on the roof of their house. This prompted them to give up the coveted golden brick. With only four teams remaining, the judges did not pick a top two but instead had a bottom three. So, at the top this week was Mark and Steven, with the Rock n Roll Haunted House. While Jamie and Amy wanted more color in the build, they felt the story and fun scene were worth the win.

Now the remaining three teams were considered the bottom. First, Zack and Wayne’s Flying Pig was a bit blocky, which docked some points. Second, Caleb and Jacob’s Ski Resort was plain, lacking decoration on the houses and ski lift. Finally, Natalie and Michelle’s build, Under the Big Top, had too simple of movement. With all this in mind, the judges decided this was too close of a call. None of the teams were eliminated, with everyone going into the semi-finals next week.

Odds and Ends

In conclusion, this week of Lego Masters was a challenging one. Incorporating technology was a challenge for Natalie and Michelle, and Mark and Steven lost the golden brick. The preview for next week’s challenge looks like it will take the builders to new heights! In the end, if you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.