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We open to Nicky and Henry sparring again which ended up Nicky on top of Ryan about to kiss. They end up doing a research session together. Nicky starts talking about the sword, about its physical and mystical properties. They looked at a legend about all the weapons together. Then Nicky started off by recalling the night her Shifu died, then about the first time she saw it. She also recalled being woken up by energy and following a female in a hood. Nicky believes in the magic of the sword.

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Mr. and Mrs. Shen are worried about money. They are also worried about the state of the country and the possibility of assault because they are Chinese. I think Althea wants to tell about the rape but she chickens out. Nicky and Henry go for their date but end up heading back to the library (Henry is so sweet and understanding of Nicky) when they look at why the cops are there. A man was shot, who happened to have run into Nicky and Henry a bit before. The next morning Mr. and Mrs. Shen find out about the shooting and Mrs. Shen’s reaction disappoints Nicky. Nicky goes to check on her sister, trying to help her. Althea is really good at putting people off so she doesn’t have to talk about the issue at hand. Today’s episode is touching on the race issue.

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Ryan is heading over to the protests to act as a medic. While he isn’t exactly political, his boyfriend Joe is and he wants to be supportive. Mrs. Shen wants to board up the restaurant until the protests are over. Nicky wants to support the protesters. The cops broke up the protest with force. Ryan stumbles to the door and of course, the Shen’s let him in but he brings people. They lock the door again but Nicky opens them again for other protesters, giving them sanctuary. Mrs. Shen thinks that it will make them a target. The cops want into the restaurant. They want Joe, Ryan’s boyfriend. Joe decides to give himself up. He doesn’t want trouble for the Shen’s on his behalf.

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Will Althea tell Dennis about what happened? Does Joe go quietly and peacefully? Did he really incite the crowd to violence? In today’s climate, this is a risky move. One thing I am coming to love about this show, and if I am honest the CW as a whole, there is diversity. Yes, shows like Kung Fu had a largely Asian cast but they have other ethnicities too. There are gay, straight couples interracial couples,s and lots of others. Other shows like Nancy Drew and Katy Keene that has a diverse cast. Shows like Riverdale look at the darker side of humans. There are issues in the world that affect everyone and the CW is willing to touch on them. I respect the CW. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…