If you missed last week’s American Horror Story don’t worry, it did practically nothing to advance the current plot, but go watch it right the f*ck now because it was the episode we’ve all wanted and sets the stage for this oddly paced season!

It gave us a flashback to the time after Cordelia outs the Coven publicly and shows us a young Michael Langden as he came into his powers and was recruited to the all-male school for warlocks that exists as an off shoot of the Coven we all know and love, that was formerly housed in Outpost 3.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

People have been in a tizzy about the stupidity of the Warlocks, their counsel, and blindness to the warning signs and very vocal opposition from one of their own. They also think the explanations feel out of left field and sloppy, which we disagree with. We know Quentin was a warlock, and that his power was nowhere near any of the ladies. Apparently, Cordelia didn’t want to replace the open council with a seat to represent, but we digress. We imagine the remaining warlocks are the unknown “cooperative” Michael has been working [and emailing] with, and have likely risen in power since tapping into darkness instead of the light in the ethereal plane. This is loose speculation based on Cordelia’s stance that testosterone weakens their connection to the light, so to everyone saying the dynamics of the show don’t hold up, stuff it.

Also, almost every girl in season 3 killed someone and they overlooked it, it’s typically how Cordelia discovered her charges, so acting like it alone is the reason to not accept Michael into the warlock school is disillusioned– it follows the ridiculous tone of the show.


Source: American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX


What we can’t bitch about is his bringing back Queenie and Madison, but it opens so many questions: where the F is Queenie, or Zoey for that matter? Why not bring back Nan? Was there unseen fallout with his leaving behind his Ms. Mead inspiration? It sounded far more tragic when he explained her creation to her.
The next episode will have to advance these questions and the overarching plot or people going to get bored quickly. With a return too Murder House and a supposedly changed Madison in the works…there is still hope, for their world and for the season to become as iconic as we hope it does.