Last week’s episode of Lego Masters had the teams shaken, not stirred. After taking on the Brickter Scale, the participants were tasked with one of the more difficult challenges, fashion. Read on to find out how the perspective Lego Masters mastered the art of millinery, AKA hat making.

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

Our episode began with Arnett striking a pose for STUDS, the hottest fashion magazine in the Lego universe. Soon after, Amy and Jamie joined in on the fun, exchanging some playful banter with the beloved host. After getting their Zoolander on, the theme of the build was revealed with shining show lights stating, “That’s Awesome!”.  That is until the “T” fell off. Arnett, thinking fast on his feet, renamed the challenge to “Hats Awesome,” indicating that the teams would need to make some fabulous Lego hats.

The hats needed to be bold, fashion-forward, and sturdy. One member from each team would be walking down the runway wearing their garment. The biggest challenge? The models had to refrain from touching the hat for five seconds while they struck a pose. As Tim Gunn would say, these players had to “Make it work!”.

The Builds

Zack and WayneGreenArchery Hat
Mark and StevenBrownPirate Hat
Caleb and JacobWhiteThe Baker’s Crown
Bryan and LaurenRedPhoenix Rising Hat
Maria and PhilipYellowCelestial Hat
Dave and RichardPinkPride of Carnival
Paras and MotoTanSerpent Safari Hat
Syreeta and RandallBlueSunday Best
Natalie and MichelleBlackAbra Couture Top Hat
Susan and JenGrayFeather Hat
The teams, color chosen, and name of the hats they created.

Favorites and Least Favorites

Those at the bottom this week were primarily due to lack of sturdiness. Dave and Richard took inspiration from Carnival with a brightly colored and large headdress. Unfortunately, the weight was just too much, and the build went crashing to the ground. Paras and Moto’s safari hat had a beautifully made snake jetting into the air. In the end, the height proved too much, and this build also took a tumble. Paras and Moto were ultimately let go, with their engineer mini-figs left on the shelf.

Odds and Ends

I was a huge fan of Project Runway as a teen, so seeing Legos meet fashion was inspiring. While I do not think I will be getting into Lego fashion anytime soon, I felt the participants did an excellent job this week. So if you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.