A quarter of the way into the season and it’s been a bit rocky. This episode was not what I expected from the previews, but it had it’s moments. It started how I thought it was going to with the Hilltop. It had little cut scenes to start off, showing that Ezekiel is off, and Magna and Yumiko finally got together, shocking nobody. But a tree fell over a wall into the barn, 9 people were trapped inside and it was a rush to get them all out without the barn collapsing.

Magna and her group go outside the walls to fend off the walkers so they don’t bring down the wall. The walkers vastly outnumbered that 5 person team, and why nobody else went to help was beyond me. The walkers kept coming and coming, Magna wanted to keep fighting, Yumiko made the call to get back inside, Connie finally came over and brought Magna inside who was upset. But moments after getting back inside the walkers knock over the damaged wall and get inside. However, we only see a few moments of everyone(including Michonne and Judith) killing the walkers, it would have been nice to see the entire fight.

We see Ezekiel going off the rails, and thinking about committing suicide, maybe? I get him, I really do, he lost Shiva, and Henry, the Kingdom, and Carol, losing is hard, no matter what is happening in the world. I think we have all had a moment of weakness. Michonne happens to see him, and comfort him, and get a kiss, which was weird, but sometimes it’s just nice to talk to someone and know someone is there. Michonne has him promise to not run off alone again.

At Alexandria, we get another Negan redemption arc. It seemed a little forced but I get what they are doing.


Negan and Lydia just bonding because everyone thinks they are the worst. Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

Some members of Alexandria don’t trust Lydia, like they don’t trust Negan, so they find themselves to be natural allies. Daryl doesn’t like it, Lydia gets jumped later on, and Negan comes to make the save. He kills someone in the process, which was not believable, and finds himself under scrutiny again. Daryl has to proxy for Michonne, and he knows that he Negan is on the right side of this one. The council ends up with a tie breaker and Gabriel has to take the night to figure out his vote. In the morning he goes to talk to Negan and sees that he is escaped!

- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

Looks like a ton of people in Alexandria don’t want the Whispers around. These painted tags are all over. Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/AMC

Oceanside has some issues, they found some activity and are looking for some help, so Michonne, Judith, Luke, and others are heading over to help out. Eugene stays at Hilltop to help rebuild the wall and to stay out of the love trap in Alexandria. Luke is going to see some girl Jewels, and his goodbye was extremely over the top and it might be his goodbye, or The Walking Dead is so self aware now they are over doing it as a fake out.