Source: CW The Flash

Does our journey into the speed force hold up to last season’s trip to save Barry?

I’ve always been quite the fan of the concept of the “speed force”. Anytime we ca dive into the powers of the flash always gets me excited. However, ultimately couldn’t help to feel a bit disappointed with this episode. First I will say I loved all the cameos from former cast members and surprisingly all felt natural and not forced at all. It really made me miss Captain Cold being on this show. Cold has always been one of my favorite characters both on this show and Legends so it was really great to see him again. I also thought it was in true character to Jar Garrick to stay behind in order to let Barry free Wally from the speed force. I found Jessie taking on Savitar on her own very interesting as it showed how brave she was and how immature she is all at the same time. However, I felt this was needed to show how Savitar wasn’t a god and could feel pain. This changes how we see Savitar and how his armor is his own worst enemy. While I did find a lot of good in this episode I still ended up being disappointed. I wish we stayed in the speed force and I’m still convinced Barry didn’t learn anything from here. Barry didn’t learn from his first trip from the speed force so why will he learn from now?

Overall I didn’t hate this episode but still a bit lackluster.