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We open to Zilan on the phone making a contract. On to Nicky, she is helping out at the restaurant. Althea and Nicky talk about their love life or lack thereof. Althea makes the suggestion of seeing where it goes with Henry. They are making headway with the key. Even looked into Henry and doesn’t like what he sees. Henry has a criminal record.

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After deciding to go on an “adventure”, Nicky and Henry are on the way for a little B&E. We finally see Althea’s fiance Dennis Soong. His mother sent a gift to Althea, a diamond necklace. It seems like there is a light at the end of Althea’s troubles. Whatever they are. We have no idea. Nicky and Henry get in and are ambushed. The third thief was after the box too. For Zilan

Nicky and Henry figure out it is Zilan stealing the box and are discouraged. Mr. and Mrs. Shen are putting on the bride price dinner for Althea and Dennis. His family is rich and it has Mrs. Shen feeling lacking. Mr. Shen is just fine. Althea is off-kilter too. Evan calls Nicky and lets her know about Henry’s record. Nicky ends the call abruptly but a seed of doubt is planted. It blooms when she sees him with the head he liked from the house.

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At the bride price dinner, Dennis’s parents brought up a prenup. He is not happy and tells them they are out of line. Althea has a bit of a meltdown but walks out with her head held high. Ryan and his man are so cute. I hope they last. Henry and Nicky have a little bit of a spat on the way to see Razor. Then they see the business side of a weapon. Nicky gets Razor to fight her for the chance to look in the box and he gets the key. Razor tries to give Nicky a lesson in fighting. Althea’s man comes to check on her. Dennis knows there is a larger issue than the prenup but accepts it that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Razor bested her the first time. Does he do it again? Are Althea’s fiance’s parents contrite? I want to know what happened to Althea. This is the problem with too much going on. The stories get muddled and not enough time is spent on each one. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Source Bleeding Cool