Pagan Witches

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In this episode, we found out that the weird carnies that came to Greendale are actually witches, but they aren’t like the Spellmans. They’re Pagan witches who have come before the modern-day witch who serves the dark lord and participate in different traditions. The most interesting part of this is that Robin is also a pagan witch and Theo doesn’t know. I don’t know about everyone else, but I kinda have a love for a forbidden love. The downside to that, of course, is that it can cause Theo a heartbreak in the end. I don’t believe that it was a coincidence that these two crossed paths. They are very passionate about each other and hopefully, that is enough for Robin to tell the truth. I believe that Robin is different than the rest of his coven, especially since he captured Theo’s heart.

The Pagan’s didn’t come to Greendale just for the carnival, they came to plant roots on the grounds that the other witches have claimed. Although the two covens have had their conflict in this episode, the academy needs to step aside until their strength is restored. Thanks to Lucifer, the coven had been rendered of their powers which forced them to bathe underneath the Hare moon. Before they could receive the power, the Pagan’s ate it. They literally ate the fu**** moon. I died of laughter but immediately felt bad afterward because the coven is at it’s weakest. As an added bonus to the chaos, Blackwood’s body was gone. Now that Lucifer is on the loose, the coven has no one to turn too. I wonder what will they do. In every other season, Sabrina was always looked at as their last hope survival. If she fails to protect her coven and the mortal world, she will definitely be looked down upon as a joke for a queen.

The Wicked Witch  

The fine witch that Harvey was mesmerized by at the carnival is now dating his dad. This union wasn’t formed from love, it was so that she could attack within the social group. This bootleg version of Madusa turned Ros into stone at the worst time possible. Sabrina being powerless lead to Harvey taking matters into his own hands. I thought we wouldn’t have to see Harvey pick up a gun again, but this wicked witch brought the bad side out. I wasn’t sure how his threats would help the situation. It also wasn’t just Ros who was a victim of her abilities, she has a collection of stone people. The good thing about this group of friends is that they can hold their own without Sabrina. Even powerless they’re strong, especially Harvey.

The End Of The Honey Moon Phase

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At the end of the previous episode, we saw Nick having a good time of torture with Sex demons. Unfortunately, Sabrina came to crash his party with some heartbreaking news. This scene was hurtful to watch because these two are my favorite characters. I enjoyed their relationship development, so it was disappointing to see the downfall. Nick had been obsessively drinking and doing drugs to take his mind off of the torture that the Dark Lord put him through. Though being violated internally is soul-sucking it didn’t justify his actions enough to give him a pass. I honestly wasn’t expecting Sabrina to be so forgiving since she had to constantly display dominance, but she gave him a huge pass. He deserved a slap like Calaban received after he said: “You weren’t worth it”.

I do think that this relationship is really over, there is no turning back after Nick said what he said. Since there is no way for Sabrina to cleanse him free of Lucifer he will continue to be a slave for him. With this new turn in the season, I now begin to suspect a future union between Sabrina and Calaban. He is pretty desirable, but Sabrina can’t let his good looks get to her, or she will lose her throne. We know that she isn’t taking the queen of hell position too seriously, but she will lose her trust with Lilith if she lets her guard down. Sabrina is now the most vulnerable she has ever been. This could mean the end of everything the Spellman family fought to build. I hope that this won’t make her lose sight of what’s important.

Rating: 4/5

I enjoyed the twist and turns that occurred in this episode. My favorite scene was when Sabrina finally caught Nick in the act of cheating. The poor man is sick, but I like that Sabrina is getting fueled by the fire. Sabrina is not one to be pushed around and although I suspect her being vulnerable will be her downfall, it can also be her greatest strength. When you mess with Sabrina Spellman, things are never pretty. Maybe Nick saying the things that he said will raise her inner fire, then she could win the challenge and remain queen. Worst case serene, Calaban wins and Lilith becomes angry. An alternative scenario, Lucifer and Blackwood get their revenge on the coven and Sabrina. It was hurtful to watch and I was upset that she didn’t punch him in the face.

I also enjoyed the scene of the Pagan eating the moon that was Hilda’s cake, I died of laughter. I love finding the not so obvious humor in dramatic tv shows. I didn’t enjoy the plotting between Lucifer and Blackwood. Their relationship just seems so phony and pointless. Blackwood is a liar and manipulator who took advantage of dark religion. I was surprised that Lucifer didn’t punish him as he did Nick. It was probably his conniving mind that convinced him to take over nick like a puppet. Whatever drug The Dark Lord gave Nick had to be enough to almost kill him because he was foaming at the mouth in the end. The Dark Lord knows that Nick is Sabrina’s love. I know it’s only a matter of time before he destroys everyone else she loves.