I have to say, football is not my favorite sport to watch. Maybe it’s cause I’m a hockey-loving Canadian or maybe it’s cause I’ve never known anyone who played it, but whatever the reason, I don’t think you’ll catch me brushing up on any football statistics. That being said, I did manage to not only sit through but actually get into this year’s Superbowl. So, if I understood how the Eagles beat the Patriots, I think I can give a fair review of Young Sheldon’s football-themed episode 5.

Punting, Betting, Math, Oh My!

According to Sheldon, the holy trinity in Texas is God, football, and barbeque. This episode opens with the family watching a football game. Sheldon doesn’t seem interested at all but then claims that statistically, punting on the fourth down is the wrong way to go. Now, I’ve already warned you that I don’t know much about the sport, but I’m sure that while Sheldon’s math may be correct, plays are not simple equations that can always be bested based on statistics.

George takes Sheldon’s math seriously though and decides not to punt on the fourth down during his football game the next day. They’re on the 12-yard line so it’s not likely that they’d get a straight touchdown but it’s television so that’s exactly what they did. Sheldon should’ve kept his math to himself though, cause that night when Meemaw tucks him into bed, she asks if his brain could be applied to who could win the Cowboys vs Packers game and by how much. Meemaw has a gambling problem, who could’ve guessed?

Sheldon the Football Star

Sheldon spends 5 weeks assisting George’s football team and Meemaw with her betting. As the high school football team continues to win, Sheldon changes from that strange, little kid genius to the most popular kid in school. From being cheered on in the hallways, to getting hugs from pretty cheerleaders, Sheldon experiences a quick rise to fame. Something he isn’t exactly fond of. Not only are too many people shaking his hand (he can only wash his hands so many times) but the attention from his dad and Meemaw are distracting him from getting his homework done.

He isn’t the only one irritated by the current situation. Georgie, the original football star of the family, is feeling left out. He takes it out on his mom who does not understand what’s going on. So when Tam shows up to take Sheldon to a party (they’re both popular now, doncha know?), Mary snaps at the young boy and says there’s no way they’re going to a party right now. This doesn’t deter Tam, though, and he quickly convinces Sheldon to come to the party, if only to get Tam into it. Missy tags along and before Sheldon can blink he’s dragged into the party.

Soon after Georgie realizes they’re there and takes them home.

The Begining of the End…

After Sheldon’s late night, he receives a near perfect mark on his math test. A B+ for Sheldon, though, may as well have been a big F. He says it’s the beginning of the end of his life and declares that in order to get back on track, he must quit helping his dad with the Football team, much to Tam’s dismay.

Quitting wouldn’t be a simple act and so Sheldon employs the one person who could make this whole mess disappear cleanly and without any repercussions on him. He tattles on everyone. George, Meemaw and even Georgie, Missy and Tam get more than an earful from Mary. Meemaw can’t resist though and asks Sheldon for a last bit of advice. He knowingly gives the wrong advice and funnily enough, she never asks for his advice again.

So far I’m really liking what they’ve done for the Cooper family. The family dynamics are classic comedy but they’re always just creative enough to leave the audience wanting more. I’ll be back next week for another review!