Nate Sr is dead. Annalise’s fight against the system is tested, can they recover. Doesn’t look like it because his death was ruled justified. But everyone knows things are not exactly adding up.  Everyone is sort of returning to normal, or their version of normal. It’s been a few weeks since the death occurred and Annalise still thinks that the governor has her back. But Nate starts to plant the seeds of doubt. Annalise promises Nate that she will get to the bottom of what happened. Lets recount what she lost. She quit her job and went to work for the governor. She lost her clinic and the money that goes along with it, and the students are suffering. So she goes to her boss and tries to get her to do the right thing and then learns what she is really about. As smart as Annalise has been for the last 4 seasons is not who we meet in this season. She would have never went for her bs before and now she is all complacent. The governor just wanted to throw a wrench in her plans.

We are getting closer and closer to Oliver and Connor’s wedding and he just does not seem like he is that into it. But because of what Oliver’s mom said to him he is doing everything that he can to make him happy. When they go to the church to meet with the pastor the truth comes out. And Connor called his dad. They had a falling out because his dad said that Oliver wasn’t right for him. But money talks and bullshit walks so he called his dad for the money. The pastor agrees to marry them and Oliver is going to get his dream wedding, sort of. Once they get home, to destress Oliver suggests they all go out and blow off steam before the wedding. But they have so much work to do so his idea is nixed. They go out and Connor gets into a fight with a man on the street for a slur. And now we know why his face was all messed up at the wedding.

So, Nate is trying to find out why is dad was murdered and asks Miller to help him. Miller refuses at first but Nate sort of talks him into it. He lets Bonnie know what he wants to do and she is not happy about it. Is Miller trying to be a man or is he trying to prove himself to someone? Not sure who but someone, maybe Nate. Now that Annalise has caught up with the program her and Nate decide to work together to find out what happened to Nate Sr. And the inquest begins. The team is brainstorming and trying to come up with information against the guards for Miller to use in court. But it is not going so well, but Annalise does not give up. Is Miller up for the job or does he have more to hide.

Still don’t know who Gabriel is and what his agenda is. So Frank and Laurel argue about it. Insert eye roll here. He’s monitoring the dude with video and he still doesn’t know. Frank is not that sloppy or slow with finding out information sooooo how many more episodes do we have to go through before we catch up. But he does manage to charm his way into Michaela’s good graces and gets her to take him to the wedding which he has been insisting on going almost from the get go. Anyways, Michaela is a little whore. She sleeps with all the boys. Except Connor cause well he’s gay. Gabriel is a little weird to be honest. Fine but weird and what is his agenda. Why is he really around?

Tegan tries to speak on Annalise’s behalf which flops, butttttttttt she gets a bit of information about Emmett, so Annalise may have a way back to C&G. But it is too early to tell as Tegan doesn’t have as much clout as we thought. Annalise receives another blow from the governor and her dreams are crumbling down around her. The governor seems like the issue is out of her hands and tells Annalise that she is going to take her down. Now she’s back to the old Annalise. She should have never fell for her tricks, Annalise knows better than that. But I guess there is only one more season so that probably explains why. Annalise is also drinking again, which Bonnie discovers after searching through her stuff like the police and she confides in Bonnie. The secret the governor has on her is that she tried to adopt Wes. Not sure what that hurts but ok. Bonnie enables her and I am irritated with this story line once again. Then she gets Miller to put Annalise on the stand to win the case. When she gets up there, she plays the black card. But it is really not about a black or white thing I thought. But even after all that, they lost their case. Failure after failure, Tegan extends an olive branch and gives her the ammo that she needs to get her job back. And that is in she needs to spark Emmett’s interest. She is going to fix for him in order to get her job back. Does he bite?  Episode 8 will tell us.