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It’s one of those weeks where I haven’t managed to watch Friday’s episode yet, because I’m just so busy being trapped in my house 24/7 doing absolutely nothing. You know how it goes in lockdown… Anyway, here is my take on last week’s UK episodes of Neighbours.

Mackenzie Melodrama

I’ve always liked Mackenzie, but she’s really grinding my gears with her melodrama at the moment. We’ve all had our heartbroken and it isn’t pleasant, but she’s behaving like some fragile, hysterical woman in a period drama, and I’m not here for it. She’s upset because Hendrix got a fictional job via Richie (except we all know he didn’t because that is a lie), and her reason is that she just assumed all of her friends would dump him because she had? Erm, no Mackenzie. Your friends can choose who they’re going to hang around with, it is not up to you to emotionally blackmail them into breaking up their friendships. She also goes on his social media and over-analyses something he’s posted that sounds like something a middle-aged mum puts on Facebook, which sends her into another dramatic doom-spiral. She did the dumping and she says she doesn’t want to get back together, so she’s basically crying about the fact that Richie still exists. I’ve got no patience with her at the moment.

Hendrix is in Over His Head

Even the most oblivious person could see that Hendrix and Jay’s gambling scheme was going to end up going incredibly badly, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Jay is still helping Hendrix count cards during Kane’s underground card games, but because of Mackenzie’s histrionics Jay leaves Hendrix high and dry at a game and he loses badly. Hendrix is furious with Jay and is determined to make him help him win his money back, but there’s a hitch because the games can’t happen at the hotel anymore, so they need a new venue. So what’s the best solution when you’re trying to cheat someone at cards whilst pretending not to know the person who is helping you? Organize a card game at your stepmum’s house, in the street where your partner in crime also lives. Come on, Hendrix. I know he isn’t the smartest cookie, but this is Ned levels of stupidity right here. The game goes ahead, and it’s all going great for Hendrix and Jay until Kane gets suspicious and shuffles several decks of cards together, making card counting much harder. Despite the fact that it’s all going belly up, Hendrix doubles down, loses all his money, borrows more on the grounds that his dad is a billionaire, and then loses that too. He’s now got to somehow produce $10,000 to pay Kane back. I’d suggest he starts by selling the hideous gold chain he was wearing, but it looks like it might be from Argos, so it won’t make that much of a dent in his debt.

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Sheila Busts Clive and Jane

Clive and Jane are delaying telling Sheila that they’re together because they know she’ll be devastated. Unfortunately, their idea of sneaking around is snogging in Jane’s back garden and going to local spas and restaurants where they could easily be rumbled by residents of Ramsay Street. And that’s precisely what happens when the exact Ramsay Street resident that they don’t want to catch them comes barrelling into the Flame Tree when they’re both lounging around in their toweling robes. Sheila is furious and embarrassed, especially because they tell her they got together at the Kennedys’ Christmas party, where Sheila was trying forcibly to get Clive underneath the mistletoe. I quite like Clive and Jane as a couple, but I’m also extremely fond of Sheila, so it would be lovely if she could have a little bit of luck in the love department soon. Cranky Sheila is funny, but she’s too awesome to be miserable.

Amy and Shane Get Chummy

Shane has apparently got nothing better to do than to hang around with someone he’s only just met and help her try to design some sort of executive bumbag to go with the new Lassiters uniform. Understandably, a few people are giving this dynamic duo a bit of side-eye, including Ned, who can see that Shane is getting very friendly with someone who isn’t his wife. Dipi is also a bit suspicious, which is pretty rich considering the fact that she was doing the dirty on Shane with Pierce until very recently. Amy’s positivity is kind of infectious, so I’m a bit scared about where this storyline is going. Amy is such a joy, I don’t want her to end up being cast as a homewrecker, she’s too fun for that!

Amy is fabulous. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Nicolette Collapses

I saw this storyline coming. Whenever someone is undecided about or just straight up doesn’t want a baby, there is always a miscarriage or a miscarriage scare. It is the law of Neighbours. The only difference this time is that it’s David who is having cold feet about the harebrained idea of having a baby with a thieving nurse who he’s only known for about ten minutes. Aaron and Nicolette are all in, but the stress of her impending court case, the tension at home, being propositioned by a creep about having sex for money, and trying to work as many shifts at Harold’s as possible has all taken their toll on Nicolette. And it’s not surprising really, that’s a lot to deal with. Is it odd that with all this drama in one storyline, my main takeaway from it was that Nicolette’s faint was incredibly convincing? Seriously, that was a great faint.