Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Well aren’t we lucky?! Two new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a row!


What happens at Cop Con stays at Cop Con…unless another dirty Captain is documenting your entire party with a camera in order to sabotage your Captain. And this is exactly what happened to the 99.

While the majority of the precinct came to Cop Con to have fun, party, and play with new police tech, Holt came with business on his mind. He wanted to run for the Board of Supervisors and had to give an important presentation, so he asked the rest of the precinct to keep the shenanigans to a minimum. His worst enemy, who seemed really nice on the surface, was also there and gunning for this position on the board. Too bad the 99 is literally incapable of avoiding shenanigans and they throw an epic rager. In turn, they lose Holt’s laptop! When Terry, Jake, and Boyle finally found it, it was already too late. Holt got up to do his presentation and all of their tawdry party pictures popped up, instead of his presentation! All because of that dastardly other Captain!

But it turns out Holt doesn’t feel too bad about losing out on that position. He regrets that he was not part of the fun the night before. Their precinct has been through so much in the past year (night shift, almost closing, Gina getting hit by a bus, etc.) that they deserved to blow off some steam!

In other news, Scully made a love connection with the female version of him. He was afraid to talk to her so Gina and Amy tried to help him out. It turns out, though, that this Shatz lady (that’s her name) is actually attracted to pitiful people, and confidence scares her.



Source: Fox // Brooklyn Nine Nine

Amy has officially gone into crazy-mode while preparing for her Sergeant’s exam. Like, braid your hair obsessively, sing the grand ol flag, beat up a toaster oven crazy. In an effort to calm his boo down, Jake sets up a practice test for Amy–to prove she’s ready. Then, halfway through the test, Amy goes missing! With only 3 hours until her ACTUAL EXAM! Jake and Rosa then go looking around town in the most Amy-like spots. We really got to see how well Jake knows Amy in this scenes. Their relationship exists in the background of this show, for the most part, so sometimes I forget that they’ve been together for almost two full seasons! #Peraltiago5ever

Anyway, after getting a big clue from Amy’s best friend/ #1 Jake hater, Kylie from the Hall of Records, Jake finds Amy on the roof where they first started having feelings for each other. (awwwwwww). Amy is worried that after she passes her exam and becomes a Sergeant, things will change between them, but Jake assures her that their love can endure ANYTHING. Okay, he didn’t say that, but it was implied. Amy takes her exam and passes with flying colors, which means we’ll be seeing a Sergeant Santiago soon! ooh! Alliteration!

Back at the precinct, Holt and Terry built rival model train sets, before realizing it’s dumb to build RIVAL model train sets. And Gina and Charles were almost excommunicated from the Boyle family for ruining some ancient sourdough. All casual 99 shenanigans.


Holt and Terry made a model train club, basically. Source: FOX // Brooklny Nine Nine 

Two great episodes of B99 in a row! We are so #blessed. Get ready for the SAME THING for the next two weeks!