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We open to a mother and her daughters tilling and planting the field. One of the daughters collapse. At nightfall, the mother prepares for and performs a ritual and Demeter emerges.

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Mr. Wednesday is preparing to go see Demeter. I think Wednesday actually care what Demeter thinks of him because he is in full wooing mode. Laura on the other hand is not having a good time. She’s in a crowded elevator going somewhere and once she gets where she has no idea where she’s at. Shadow is helping to look for the missing girl. Not much is found looking for the young lady but Sheriff Mulligan takes the opportunity to apologize and explain himself to Shadow for the way he handled the girl coming up missing.

Laura cons her way through a door only to almost getting sucked into a hole chasing her through the hall before she jumps to safety in another room. Arriving with lilies for Demeter, Wednesday learns that Demeter is a patient at the residence she is at. She is in a mental hospital. She slaps him. Something is wrong with Bilquis. The phone of the man she, we will call it ate, is in her apartment going off just before her door is being torn down.

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Mr. Wednesday tries to con the facility to release Demeter into his care. He is told who to contact. He’s up to something. As Shadow sleeps, he dreams. He is seeing examples of strong black women and he sees some women, Goddesses maybe, beckoning to him but he cannot get to them. When someone finally comes into the room where Laura is trapped in they ignore her at first then they play the life of Laura Moon. She is not amused. Of course, Laura has to and try to get her way. Wednesday got to forge documents proving his claim to be Demeter’s husband. On his way in Shadow calls asking for Bilquis’s address. After, Wednesday tries to get the conservator to give him custody of his “wife”.

Does Demeter go with Wednesday? What is going on with Bilquis? Is Shadow her son? Does Laura accept her fate? So many questions! What questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below. Until next week…

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