#1 The Sub Watcher

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Subtitled anime fans prefer to watch their favorite anime with subtitles on to translate the Japanese words. Sub watchers are often critical of fans who watch dubbed anime because they feel like it takes away the experience of learning Japanese culture through the show/movie. Some fans have learned the Japanese language and phrases by reading subtitles.

#2 The Dub Watcher

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Dub only anime fans prefer to watch anime in English. Although the sound of the English voice actors/actresses are different from the Japanese, it creates inclusiveness for the fans who love anime but don’t want to read the subtitles. Dubbed anime is also easier for anime fans who can’t dedicate a long period of time to the television. If the anime only includes subtitles, some information can be missed if the fan decides to multitask.

#3 The Manga-Based Watcher

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Much like the anime fans who enjoy subbed anime, manga-based anime watchers will come for your neck. These fans believe that you should read the manga before watching the anime. Some fans who’ve watched the anime based on the manga, love the manga more. Reading the manga can make the fan more observant of what is being changed in the anime. Like the movies based on novels, some events that occur in the novel differ from what’s being presented on screen. Some examples of Manga based Anime include Naruto, DBZ, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, and Attack On Titan.

#4 Renaissance Anime Watcher

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The Renaissance anime fan still remains loyal to anime series from the early ’60s to the ’90s. These anime fans were the people pumped on a Saturday evening ready to watch Toonami’s anime lineup. Some of these animes are still treasured by the new generation, but let’s be honest, anime wasn’t always popular. Some of the Renaissance anime watchers were bullied for liking anime. It’s refreshing to be apart of a society that has a place for anime lovers to be themselves. Some examples of early animes include Akira, Ghost In A Shell, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokemon, and DBZ.

#5 The Indie Anime Watcher

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The indie anime watcher still loves popular anime but gravitates to the hidden gems in Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Because this type of anime watcher is open-minded, they recommend animes that aren’t talked about a lot but are worthy of watching. These types of fans are most helpful to those who are new to watching anime because most of the popular animes have a lot of seasons to binge. If they’re treated with a sample from an independent anime series, they can easily venture off into an anime fandom that fits them.

#6 The Mainstream Anime Watcher

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Mainstream anime watchers are dedicated fans of their chosen popular anime. As I mentioned before, anime wasn’t always popular. Most of the mainstream anime has been around for a long time, but have recently received more recognition from a new generation of anime fans. The Mainstream anime watcher is very knowledgeable about the anime and has stuck through the season hiatus, reboots, and spinoffs even if they weren’t the best (*cough cough *Boruto: Naruto Next Generations). Some examples of current mainstream animes include: Boruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Attack On Titan, Blood Of Zeus, DBZ, One Punch Man, Bleach, and One Piece.

#7 The Newbie Anime Watcher

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New anime fans have no clue what they’re in for. There is so much to discover, but they can’t do it alone. New anime watchers are mere babies who’re navigating through the anime universe. They will have lots of questions and emotions on their path of discovery. There is an anime for everyone who will give it a chance. Newbies will accept recommendations, but it’s up to them to choose what genres suits them best.

#8 The Anime Bae Watcher

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No need to be embarrassed, we know what it’s like to fall for a fictional character you will never get to have in real life. As much as it’s a Killjoy, Anime bae watchers live for these moments. It’s hard for these fans to resist chiseled abs, perfectly structured faces, perfect hair, and beautifully drawn bodies. Anime bae watchers have multiple anime soul-mates, so thank you, artists and animators!

#9 The Anime Intro Watcher

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This type of anime watcher loves the anime but loves the intro music even more. It’s hard to remain seated when an anime intro song sounds so good. This fan could be making a PB&J sandwich in the middle of the night or taking a shower and will think about how great a beat was in an anime intro. More than likely this type of fan is dabbing and flossing to an anime song when no one is around. Beware of the anime intro watcher.

#10 The Emotional Anime Watcher

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Like the anime bae watchers, it’s hard for these fans not to attach themselves to fictional characters. Emotional anime watchers understand passionate love for anime. When they’re favorite characters are killed or whenever they’re beloved protagonist has failed, they develop strong emotions. No matter if it’s sadness, anger, or joy, these fans are invested in everything involving anime. All anime fans know that this fandom isn’t “just anime”. For some of us, it’s a coping mechanism for depression, it helps our anxiety, and more importantly, it brings us together. No matter what type of anime watcher you are, you’re apart of a fandom that has love.


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