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Here it is.

Ghost Hunt

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A perfect blend of suspense/drama, humor, and romance, Ghost Hunt is first on this list for a reason. The premises is… well, self explanatory. They hunt ghosts and other paranormal stuff. It’s well animated and only 25 episodes long so it’s easily digestible. This is one anime I am excited to revisit soon; I have fond memories of buying $20+ of snacks and binging 3 – 4 episodes at a time (enough to constitute a decent seating time, but still breaks the anime into 6 or 7 different chunks. It gave me something to look forward to all week)

Ghost Hunt on Funimation


Clannad + After Story

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Photo Source: Kyoto Animation

Comparatively, Clannad is much more popular than Ghost Hunt, but unfortunately, most people watch it and aren’t aware of the sequel/epilogue Clannad: After Story. Personally, After Story was much better than the original in a lot of ways. I don’t want to ruin too much, but where as Clannad is a Drama/Romance, After Story is more of a Comedy/Tragedy, in that order.

It will give you the feels, so be prepared.

Watch Clannad on Hulu

(You’ll have to find After Story yourselves.)


Akame Ga Kill

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Okay, this is absolutely not hidden at all, but it’s come to my attention that far too many people haven’t seen this anime. Plus, I make the rules on this post, so deal with it.

Akame Ga Kill is a sharp divergence from the likes of Clannad, which is more Ouran Host Club than it is Naruto. Akame Ga Kill is bloody, action packed, dramatic, and mildly political. It’s focuses on a group of murdering vigilantes called Night Raid as they serve their version of justice to the corrupt world the live in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny, it has romance, and it is light hearted from time to time, but once you finish this anime, you will remember what they want you to remember, and that’s the eerily relatable story that they weave before your eyes..

Watch Akame Ga Kill on Crunchyroll