DC’s Doom Patrol is a heartfelt but insane roller coaster ride.  Of course, anyone who watches will already know this, but it bears repeating. The insanity and wackiness is a key trait in what makes Doom Patrol, well…Doom Patrol. What’s even more insane is how in depth and emotionally grounded the characters themselves are, something that keeps the audience grounded in the midst of all the crazy.

Doom Patrol Season 2 ended on quite the cliffhanger, leaving the lives of all of our Doom Patrol crew hanging in the balance. A proper conclusion to the season was going to exist in the form of the original season finale–but then Covid-19 hit. The show had to shut down production before they could finish the tenth episode of season 2.

Good thing for everyone though, HBO decided the show was worth keeping around. Back in September, Doom Patrol was officially renewed for their third season.  Not only do we get new adventures, but the show is given a chance to wrap up the Candlemaker storyline. Since that renewal things have been rather quiet. 

Until now that is, as there is finally some activity. According to The Direct, the show is looking to cast an actress in the villainous role of Madame Rouge in Doom Patrol’s third season. They are reportedly searching for an actress of open ethnicity within the age range of their 30s-50s. Supposedly, the character will play a major villain role in season 3.

Madame Rouge from Teen Titans. Photo courtesy of Listal.

New casting is always exciting, especially when it’s for the potential new season villain. Only time will tell if Madame Rouge will actually play a major role (like Candlemaker), or simply be a one off adventure like Red Jack was last season.

Madame Rouge, while not as strange and head turning as some of the show’s past villains, seems like she will be an interesting foil to our characters–although especially so to Rita. In the comics, Madame Rouge has the ability to stretch any part of her body to incredible lengths, as well as alter her facial features to disguise her self as any other person. To me, this sounds like what Rita could be, and want to be–at least in the sense of being able to control her powers. I think we just might get to meet Rita’s arch-nemesis. Maybe even The Bee Keeper’s first proper super villain.