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Source: Crunchyroll

Short anime has become increasingly popular throughout the last few years. Snippets of shows have been around for a long time, of course, but we’re now seeing at least one new series composed of five minute long episodes at least every simulcast. To say the least, these shows have their benefits; from taking up less time to usually being utterly adorable, there’s so much to chose from. The good news is, you have time for all of them! Here are five you should add to your queue.

I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

This anime is extremely sweet and cute. You’re introduced to a couple that seem to have no earthly business being together; a normal young woman and her adult otaku husband. Throughout each short episode, we find the wife, Kaoru, continuously trying to figure out her husband and his odd interests. What is unexpected about this short series is how loving it can get at time; that social awkwardness that often seems to plague the two of them sis actual rooted in a thriving, caring relationship. It’s certainly worth the watch.

Chi’s Sweet Home

This is a classic; an original short episodic anime that conveys both feels and a lot of love. If you love cats, always start with Chi’s Sweet Home. Following the adventures of a tiny kitten, Chi, the story takes us through everything from finding a forever home to making friends in a local neighborhood. This anime gets even sweeter if you own a cat yourself; the parallels of cat-owners’ lives is uncanny. Short, sweet, simple and iconic it’s certainly deserving of your attention.

Tsuredure Children

Going back to the romantic genre of anime, this anime has more than enough romantic frustrations to make anyone want to be more direct with their crush. What’s extremely interesting about this anime is how many characters it focuses on. A majority of short anime only have the time to prioritize one leading character, if not two. Tsuredure Children focuses on a handful of high schoolers struggling with their crushes and relationships in a well-balanced and engaging story. Adorable, abet frustrating, you should’ve watched this last week.

Meow Meow Japanese History

Have you ever wanted to learn about Japanese history with cats as a visual representation? Well, now you can. This short anime is exactly what the title says; adorable cats act out the history of Japan. What’s extremely cool about this particular short anime is not only how informative it is, but also that it comes from the Japanese perspective so viewers get an authentic lesson! Not to mention it’s just super cute to see these cats in traditional Japanese garbs. If you’re a history buff, this one’s for you.

Pop Team Epic

You had to have seen this one coming if you’ve been keeping up with the winter season. Not only has this one captured an audience, because you really can’t miss poorly drawn school girls giving you the finger, they also have their own figures coming out. A lot of people create memes out of anime, but in this instance the anime is already a meme. The show satires other anime, shows, movies and general story line troupes you can find in just about anything. The sheer ridiculous alone is reason enough to watch this show.