The Walking Dead World Beyond ended the year with two episodes back to back, and they brought the action, if this was the level they had taken the entire year it would have been an amazing season. If this is the level that season two is going to have buckle up because it’s going to be really fun.

Huck, real name Jennifer, talks to her mom, Elizabeth the leader of the CRM military, at least of the group we know of, at the safe house during her 48 hour recon mission. Elizabeth threatens to end the entire thing if need be, Huck says that “she” isn’t ready for integration yet. Elizabeth makes Huck take her dad’s watch so she can make sure to not be late next time she has to check in. They both mention that he left them but I am not so sure. Back to current time Huck is driving the truck, she is making sure everyone is asleep and intentionally crashes the truck. Having to walk the group comes up on a bunch of walkers but some of them are tangled in barbwire, while fighting off the walkers something happened to Felix’s leg, we later find out was actually Huck who cut his leg on purpose when nobody was looking.

Aliyah Royale as Iris, Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

Huck suggests that they go back to a place that looked safe about a mile back, Huck pulls Iris aside to sweep the house instead of the usual Hope. Huck tries to put a bunch of ideas into Iris’s head who doesn’t seem to be taking to it. While checking rooms upstairs Huck checks a room and tells Iris that there is nothing in it for anyone, all the people who used to live there committed suicide. Without finding some supplies Huck suggests they just have to go on foot up some mountainous terrain, Felix tries to play it off like he can do it even though we all know he can’t. They all start the next leg of the journey, Felix has to try to jump up on and climb over a bus but he can’t make the jump and everyone gets him back to the house. The new plan is for all the girls to go on without Felix and will send someone for him later. He has a better chance to survive staying put, when Felix and Huck are hugging is when we see Huck having a little flashback of cutting Felix’s leg. Iris doesn’t want to leave Felix she thinks it’s a bad idea, Iris talks to Hope and says she doesn’t trust Huck but Hope is not very supportive. After the talk it got Hope thinking, we learn that she used a map and decoded the CRM coordinates they found earlier from one of the gas depots. She found out the message which read, “Raft Embed Agent En Route to NY W/Asset + four all four expendable”. Knowing this information Hope wakes up Huck in the middle of the night saying they have to go now, Iris won’t leave without Felix. Huck thinks it over and gets her stuff, at this point Hope knows she is the asset, Iris tells Felix that the two are gone and Felix realizes his gun is gone. Hope is the one who took it.

Annet Mahendru as Huck – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

In other sections, we get a few Felix flashbacks, the first shows when Will joins the Campus Colony, he has a psychology background and was used, with Felix, to evaluate potential new people. The next flashback shows the two spent the night together at Felix’s place, but he is very stubborn, he won’t be open to getting a dog, he won’t let Will make him some coffee, and he is just sad because he is not going on the escort mission with the doctor. The next flashback we learned that Will actually asked to go on the escort mission so Felix didn’t have to worry about the doctor. Felix knows he is supposed to watch the girls but he wanted to also know the doctor would be ok. Will tells Felix that things have to change upon his return, he can’t do everything himself and he has to put his trust in other people, he has to put his trust in him. The last flashback which is after the end credits shows Will running away from four armed CRM agents.

The other storyline we follow is our dear Elton, he is by himself and frustrated taring up his moms manifest and throwing them in the air. Naturally he second guesses himself and starts retrieving the pages, the pages led him to Percy, who is all sorts of bleeding and messed up. He asks Elton how he found him and promptly passes out. Elton refuses to give up on Percy so he is literally one arm dragging him through a field, while still holding all the luggage. Elton has to take a rest and while he is doing it he has a hallucination of Percy being awake and talking to him. Hallucination Percy convinces Elton to take a look at his injuries and to his surprise it was a gunshot wound. Four walkers are coming towards Percy and Elton, the hallucination Percy tells Elton to just leave him to save himself, he won’t blame Elton one bit. Elton packs up and is about to leave but he thinks better of it and loads up. He takes one out at the knee, he ties two of them together, and then he bashes the fourth in the face with Silas’s big wrench.

While Hope and Huck are walking towards their destination, Huck asks to excuse herself for a minute from Hope, which was super sketchy. She goes behind a big container and Elton is on the walkie. He is calling for Felix but he tells Huck that he found Percy who is alive, she asks where they are, he started to say some coordinates when Percy wakes up for real and knocks the walkie out of his hand. Elton asks why he did that and Percy said it’s because she is the one who shot him!