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We open to Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe at the Clam. Quagmire is complaining about the Clam having so many foreign sports fans on Saturday mornings. Peter says that instead of drinking at the bar they should drink and dumpster dive at Goodwill.

Guess where the guys end up. If you said Goodwill, you get a gold star. Quagmire finds working legs and calls dibs much to Joe’s dismay. Peter found a Magic 8 Ball and vows to live his life by the 8 Ball. Oy vey. Lois will be pleased, I am sure.

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At breakfast, Brian asks Peter about the 8 Ball. When Peter asks Magic 8 Ball about his puppet show, he gets flatted by a car. Later at work, Peter jumps off a building. Lois asks Peter to go to church but Peter states the Magic 8 Ball is his God. Then the Magic 8 Ball dies.

At church, Stewie says his first word and it wasn’t a good one. Later on at home, Lois frets about drinking wine and Brian asks Stewie about why the others could understand him this time. Stewie doesn’t understand it either. When Lois brings Stewie to the birthday party he was invited to, they are turned away. Lois decides it is a TV show, Caillou specifically, that taught him the swear word. She falls asleep trying to prove it. She decides that it was someone in the house and is going to set a trap for the person that swears.

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Brian asks about the stairs looking funny. It wasn’t Peter. Then the grocery store wouldn’t let Lois in which she breaks down over. Lois goes on a retreat leaving the rest of the family at home. This won’t go well I am sure. Peter gets drunk off the bat and later he mows the rocky back yard with Stewie in a walker.

Did Lois find out who was swearing? Did she like the retreat and did everyone survive Lois not being home? Watch the episode to find out and let me know in the comments what you think. Til next week…

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