Hello! Back again with episode five of Gotham. Just like last
episode this one wasn’t as exciting as I hoped it would be. Maybe it’s
because I’m still not over Jerome, *sees picture of Jerome and thinks
about him* no I’m sure I’m not over it.  *sobs*

Without going in details about my little problem, here is everything I noticed this episode
The Penguin got crazier. In the last episode we saw Theo and
Tabitha kidnap poor Mrs. Cabelput in order to get Penguin to do some
dirty work for them. In the beginning of this one Penguin begs Theo to
let his mother go, offering to help him anyhow. Penguin
does give him a gift, a trunk containing Wayne Enterprises garbage man:
Bunderslaw. Towards the end, we see the Penguin on his craziest while
chopping off Butch his hand so he can infiltrate in Theo’s organization
without making it suspicious. Oh, and Penguin
nearly beat up a man who has been just the messenger. That adds up to
the craziness.

This brings me to my next point. The big amount of chopped up,
limps. As mentioned poor Butch lost his left hand/lower arm. His scream
sounded so real it got creepy. Now I know an eye isn’t a limp, but it’s
still worth mentioning that Bunderslaw got his
eye cut out by Tabitha so that an iris scan secured save could be
opened. I never liked those shelves anyway, because of a fingerprint you
don’t necessarily have to cut off a finger. But if you don’t cooperate
with an iris scan, well you end up like B. In
a flashback, we see the complicated love story of a girl from the Wayne
family and a guy from the pre-calavan family. All was well until the
Waynes found out, cut the guy his arm off and banned the whole family
out of Gotham. The last limps were not quite
cut off, call it more exploded. And I can tell you, I did not see that
coming. Something I noticed was that when Gordon and Barnes shot him,
there was more blood than normal. And then because of the explosives in
his pants, this sounds so wrong, the boy exploded
into a million little pieces. I found it nasty and fascinating at the
same time.

The cut out eye is part of Theos genius plan. Although he is still
the bad guy and he killed my favorite, his plan is still very smart. By
using Penguin to get rid of some of Waynes buildings he gets the
valuable knife used to cut his ancestors arm off.
With a bonus that Gordon will endorse him running for mayor. Score! His
last move includes killing the one left of the Wayne family: Bruce. But
we all know how that will turn out. I bet as soon as Gordon finds out
it’s gone with the endorsement. I start to
wonder if Theo was behind the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. After
all, he is the right suspect, wanting to destroy the Wayne family.

We also got a look at another villain this week: the female Firefly.
She is the half sister of the Arsonists. She started off as a girl who
doesn’t like fire, but in the end she starts to like it.  So much that
she (accidentally ) kills a member of the
strike force. I’m interested to see how her story continues, because I
don’t see her as bad or crazy. She might turn crazy because she loves it
so much.
I saved the best for last, the double date between Gordon, Lee,
Kristen and Edward. May I just tell you how cute Ed and Kristen were
feeding each other bread and cheese. Nothing exited happened there,
but it was just simply cute.


Source: Nerdist.com

And where was our dweeb Zsasz? I think he was busy chopping off
heads and being excited over mayor buttons. Maybe making peanut butter
sandwiches for Penguin too.

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