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We open to a black and white scene with Peter narrating it. Herbert the pervert with a skullet waving in the wind, naked on a shell. Oy vey. Peter is setting the stage, oh, and he’s a private dick named Mac Book pro. This should be interesting.

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All of Quahog is featured. Stewie is Fanny Patbottom, Mac’s secretary. Lois is Hedy Toothgraze, the dame in this story and probable love interest. I love that the show consistently portrays Lois and Peter lovingly, even when Peter pulls a stupid stunt and Lois is losing it on him. Unfortunately, Hedy’s daughter, Sister Megan, is missing.

Mr.Peterschmidt is the cardinal at the Catholic Church in town. Brian is a journalist named Red Wiener. Mac and Red continue to investigate the whereabouts of Sister Megan, which takes them to the Sunken Clam speakeasy. Why did they take any time to give Meg a cool story name? Does everyone hate Meg that much? Cleveland is the bartender at the speakeasy. Cleveland informs them that the cardinal rigged the vote for Prohibition so that it would happen.

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Joe is, of course, on the police force. His name is Ace Hardware. But, see, even Joe gets a nifty name. Peter seems to be having fun with all the talking. Unfortunately, and not unexpectedly, Sister Megan turns up dead. Seeing as Hedy has just suffered a trauma, Mac asked her on a date. After the date, Mac finds out Hedy was talking to the cardinal before Sister Megan’s death. The cardinal ends up dead, and Mac is arrested for it.

Who killed who? This was a fun episode, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time…