We had to wait a very long time to get this episode. It closed many chapters, it opened some others, but above all else it was really great to see this back on my Television.

Things are looking really bad at the hospital, Beta has the walkers position all around the hospital and very deep. Inside the hospital everyone is getting ready for a fight while coming up with a game plan for escape. The game plan is to get to the wagon, hookup some electrical equipment and lead the walkers via music to and over a large cliff. To make this happen the plan is to have four teams of two make it through the walkers. Two of those groups will be protection, while the other two groups will each be carrying gear to hook up the wagon. The groups make slow progress through the walkers while also getting some help from archers and Lydia’ pointing out the humans from the second floor. Beta notices what is going on and gets the herd to tighten up so it’s harder to get through.

Things start ramping up on multiple fronts, one of the ladies from Oceanside ends up dying getting through the horde while holding the cargo, Carol keeps moving on, but Lydia ends up coming later and grabbing the backpack and meeting up with Carol. While on the inside of the hospital, one of the Whisperer’s makes it into the building right into a trap. One of the entrances is all on fire though and Father Gabriel gets people ready for what will come next. The Whisperers end up throwing a trap inside killing a couple people, Father Gabriel decides to be the last line of defense so everyone else can shimmy down the rope down the elevator shaft. Gabriel is able to shoot one with a shotgun but is beat up by the three others that arrive, but he keeps the attention long enough so the rope doesn’t get cut. Maggie, and her amazing side kick come in and save Gabriel from death. It’s great to see Maggie!

While on the outside the updated eight meet at the designated meeting point and get to the carriage, they set up the plug and play and start blaring “Burning Down the House” while slowly leading the horse drawn carriage away from the hospital. Everyone else walks as protection and walker control, as nightfall happens the Whisperers finally make their move. Using walkers as protection and rushing from the sides despite losing numbers the Whisperers are able to derail the wagon and get the music stopped. The walkers head back to the hospital, Daryl doesn’t have a great idea but decides the best idea is to just head back into the walkers and start killing the Whisperers hand to hand. Lydia says after she can lead the walkers over the cliff while implying that her mom taught her how to lead the walkers. Daryl and company start knocking off Beta’s crew left and right until Daryl is in his cross hairs, but Negan gets the attention of Beta. Daryl ends it by slamming two knives down into Beta’s eyes, who sort of smiles as the walkers eat him.

Lydia keeps her word and is able to lead all of the walkers, and leads them to a large cliff. Carol comes and tells Lydia to go as this is her job. Lydia refuses to lose and refuses to let Carol die by saving her and having her hide with her behind a rock as the walkers plummet over the cliff. After the deed is done the duo head back to everyone else at the meeting point, Daryl asks if Carol found what she wanted, and she admits she didn’t. Daryl brings up the thought of New Mexico again, and at this point you have to know that this is going to be the location(or destination) of the Daryl and Carol spinoff show.

A couple quick important talking points, Connie lives and is found by Virgil, who was at Oceanside earlier in the show. Eugene and company do make it to the railyard, late sadly, but are finally approached by a bunch of armed, armored guards as the episode closes.

Say hello to the future. The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC