We open to Lois dropping off Chris and Meg at school. Chris is helping with morning announcements. Meg has to give him her pants because Chris forgot his.

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Chris starts to help Principal Shepherd with morning announcements under dubious circumstances. It is apparent that Chris can’t read. Then the principal ridicules Chris for being fat and the whole school laughs at him.

Stewie has an entire Opera House in his room. Apparently Bugs Bunny is helping opera singers hold note. Lois and Peter can’t stop using their iPads. Chris came home crying because of being fat shamed at school. Lois calls out Principal Shepherd for fat shaming Chris and he ends up fired.

Brian goes into a pet store to ask about a commercial when he is recognized as the author of his book. Nope, it is a kids book he is mistaken for being the main character. Lois and Peter invite the now homeless Principal Shepherd to live with them.

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Stewie is the author of the books Brian was recognized for. Principal Shepherd is acting like a principal even as he lives with the Griffin’s. He is making the whole household as a school. He locks Chris, Lois, Meg and Peter in the basement when they try to kick him out. Stewie and Brian are safe because Brian is suing Stewie for defamation of character.

Does Brian win the suit? Does the principal get rehired? Let me know your guesses in the comments below. Til next week…