Elliot – “As a wise King once said… Ovary up!”


This particular chronicle opens up with a slowly spiraling Alice, during the mundane act of watering her mother’s plants she realizes that the piece of Q’s soul that she buried was having a reaction – leading her to conclude that because its separate from the Underworld.

So our Alice has quite the hike in front of her.. (emotionally and physically) She has to reach the mountain of ghosts in Fillory in order to throw the piece of Q that she used for the Golem spell all the way down to the Underworld so that Quentin can finally be at peace. Upon their journey they acquire the Fillorian equivalent of a Sherpa to help them on this arduous journey. There are also many enjoyable comparisons to grief and mountains that could be made here…

Made by /mia for TGON

The Takers  –  Something i’m still not sure of. These ominous creatures that started attacking Fillory and that, through the history lesson in the previous episode we learn that the Dark King went to great lengths to protect his fellow Fillorians from them and that was what led to him being annointed and sworn in as Fillories ruling monarch. Although, still to this day we have very little knowledge of what exactly takers are – in this episode the sherpa assisting the pair actually goes to say that he’s surprised that Elliot and Alice don’t know what or who the “takers” are – but we end up in much the same situation because after snorting derisively – he then does not go on to elaborate…

Margo’s entering into the competition to become one of the monarch’s guard’s – as winning this competition will exonerate her ‘death order’. The fact that herself and fen – who are both entering the competition have to give different names to protect their identities, of course makes sense. But the jewel of the episode is when she has to declare her name for the event; and she goes with “Janet”. To anyone that read the trilogy Lev Grossman wrote that the televisions series was based on – Margo’s character was actually called Janet. When the book series was being transferred to the screen, they thought that having two main female characters with both their names starting with a J would be too similar. So, Julia kept her name as Julia Wicker was a pretty boss one – and Janet – which was an infinitely less than exciting name for the queen of the extravagant – became Margo. I think we can all agree that this was a solid decision, “High King Janet” just doesn’t have the same ring. Depressingly and dissapointingly, she learns that the disease she caught from Josh that periodically turns her into a werewolf, Fen has also become similarly afflicted… meaning that Fen and Josh dabbled further than friendship. But they’ll get whats coming to them for that betrayal… You can never keep High King Margo down.

made by Mia for TGON

Elliot showing Alice the letter he has written for Q with the enchanted stamps and after a highly emotional moment in which Elliot and Alice lay Q’s last piece of essence to rest, they also drop the letter that Elliot wrote – with the enchanted stamp “Quentin Coldwater – Before he went into the Seam.” Down into the tunnel to the Underworld, along with his essence. Before we jet off, we see Penny ask Julia what kind of life she wants if they survive saving the world, again. Only to be interrupted by Daniella, the prediction whiz – informing them that something is indeed coming.. The Harmonic Convergence – a rare and powerful astrological occurrence. A magnifier of magic, there have been four so far, and in two weeks there will be a fifth. Death toll in the millions, or likely much higher. Things may be looking a little bleak for the group of Magicians but we can always count on Elliot to perk us up at the last minute….

Made by Mia for TGON