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Full disclosure – I haven’t seen Friday’s episode as I’m writing this, but there was enough going on in Erinsborough for me to talk about anyway, what with all the drunks, doomsday preppers, and dinner parties.

Rose Has Gone!

I’m pretty sure that Rose has finally gone for good and I am so relieved. As a parting gesture, before she left, she just about had time to prove that she’s even more awful than I thought. Her ex-husband James shows up in the middle of Rose and Toadie’s date and threatens to sue him for malpractice for breaching his client confidentiality. There’s some back and forth between Toadie and James, and he even attempts to blackmail Toadie into helping him win Rose back. This leads Toadie to ask Rose what actually happened between her and James, and it turns out that she just threw a hissy fit one day, and disappeared with the kids without an explanation. Is this woman for real? The whole time she’s been in Erinsborough she’s been making James out to be this awful, abusive ex-husband, when it turns out he did nothing more than work late, then come home to find his wife and kids were gone. She’s so manipulative! Rose was supposed to be a “goodie” but she’s less likable than some of the so-called villains. Anyway, she’s taken her syrupy sweet voice and gone back to her husband, and I hope we never see her again. UGH. Goodbye.

Seeing the back of Rose, literally and figuratively. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

There Was Some Epic Drunk Acting

I was not a fan of Nicolette when she first arrived in Erinsborough, but she might be growing on me a little bit after the incredible drunken bants with Aaron and David. What we learned from this scene is that Charlotte Chimes and Takaya Honda have some really great drunk acting in their lockers. Matt Wilson, not so much. The hungover acting was pretty good as well, and I did enjoy Karl yelling at them much louder than was absolutely necessary. The drunken debauchery culminates in Nicolette spilling the beans to Aaron and David that Paul tried to use her to arrange an illegal surrogacy for them, leading to them calling Paul to confront him, and getting him into big trouble with Terese in the process. The whole thing was glorious and I hope they have a lot more tequila benders.

Shane’s Dinner Party Was More Awkward Than an Episode of Come Dine With Me

Because Shane is a clueless buffoon, he invites Chloe and Pierce around for dinner to help clear the tension between them all after the whole cooking class disaster. It is, of course, excruciating. You know you’ve thrown a bad dinner party when the best part of the night is the bit where you serve everyone an inedible dessert. Chloe and Pierce went from the most awkward baby shower to the most awkward dinner party. What’s next? An awkward bar mitzvah?

Karl and Jane Are in Trouble Again

By far my favourite storyline of the week is the dream team of Jane and Karl and their doomsday prepping. After stashing everything at Aaron and David’s to get it out from under Susan’s nose, Jane and Karl are horrified to learn that Aaron, David, and Nicolette raided their stash for their epic drunken night, cracking open some of their discount tequila and making it rain with disposable slippers. So they decide the best course of action is to be super creeps and lurk about in their neighbours’ loft, shifting the loot up there instead. Inevitably, this doesn’t go well, and all of Karl’s bargain tuna ends up coming through the ceiling and nearly flattening Aaron and David. Susan is absolutely incandescent with rage, Jane largely throws Karl under the bus by not saying anything at all, and Karl now has to pay to fix the ceiling which, as a dedicated skinflint, is certain to cause him intense pain. It’s perfect. I don’t really know where else this storyline can go at this point, but I’m not bored with it yet. 

Susan is DONE. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Right, that’s it for now. I’m off to price up some disposable slippers…