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Fortnite may be heavy on the shooting and building mechanics, but Fortnite movement and positioning are equally important. They’re just as vital as knowing which gun to use and what kind of structure to build. For the sake of your Fortnite Tracker stat, let’s not beat around the bush and get on learning the right moves!

You Have the High Ground?

Going for the center of the safe zone is already a given for a lot of players, but a lot of them lose their common sense when deciding where to go from there. To be fair, there is no single perfect place to run to, but there is one guideline: it has to be a place that will give you an advantage, be it offensively, defensively, or at best, both.

Unless it’s your first time playing, you should know already know which points on the map will play to your strengths and style. Meanwhile, if going there isn’t exactly what you have in mind and you have other plans, then the general rule is that you should go to higher ground. If that’s not possible as of the moment, improvise and make your own.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Winner

In shooters, sound is crucial. From gunfire to footsteps, you can use it to tell your enemy’s location and either save yourself from getting killed or be the one to take them out. The same goes in Fortnite. Stalking someone? If you’re not careful, you can be heard, turning you, the supposed hunter, into the prey.

To greatly reduce the sound of your footsteps, crouch while moving. This way, your enemies will find you difficult to detect through hearing. On the other hand, if you’re the one trying to detect your enemies through sound, it’s important that you use earphones. Trust us, a speaker won’t cut it if you’re trying to listen to the fainter in-game sounds!

Be Open About Things

Did you know that open areas are among the riskiest places in the game, if not the most? The reason may be obvious, but not a lot of people are aware of how deadly these places are. Thus, it’s crucial to move as quickly as possible when you’re in one. Running lets you speed through an open area swiftly, but it makes you way easier to be seen and heard. Then again, since you don’t have anywhere to hide anyway, then you’re going to get detected either way.

On the other hand, you can choose to sacrifice speed for evasion by jumping as you move from one point to another in an open area. If you’re having trouble shooting down a jumping enemy, then your enemies will surely say the same when you’re the one doing the jumping.

Lastly, when you’re going to stay near an open area or a hiding spot where enemies can come from all sorts of directions and attack you, it should be your second nature to scan the area. This way, you can’t get blindsided. A second’s worth of vigilance is better than none at all.

Building Woes

Attacks in open areas are more obvious, but not so much in buildings. It’s why players are usually more on edge when entering them. The better thing to do, however, is to think twice first before entering—lest you do damage to your Fortnite tracker stats. Does the building seem like it hasn’t been entered by anyone yet? Then go right ahead. On the other hand, if you notice that the door has already been opened and you can hear movement, don’t enter. Simply wait for them from the outside and then take them out.

These are just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fortnite movement and positioning in this game and ultimately improving your Fortnite tracker stats. Nevertheless, a little bit of help goes a long, long way. With these nuggets of Battle Royale know-how, you’re closer than ever to that chicken dinner.