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We open to Mr. Haywood, Tony and Gabe talking about the Decathlon in the teacher’s lounge. Tony and Gabe have a friendly rivalry going on. Paula was offered the job as principal of the Lakewood school.

The kids are pumped for their team at the Decathlon. Mikey is so in love with Marisol. They go over their stratage and figure out a name. They settle on Musketeers. Carlos is ready for Paula’s job. He has already written up new rules for for the faculty. Paula and Gabe talk privately about Marisol. Paula points out that she should be in the honors class. Paula is sure the honors students are going to win. She challenges Gabe’s motivation in keeping Marisol in his class.

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Gabe presents Marisol with the idea that she would be better off academically with the honors students. Marisol doesn’t want to leave her teammates in their hour of need. She also knows Gabe wants to win. When class is back in session, the class is asking after Marisol because she isn’t there. When Gabe says she is in the honors class, they freak.

At the decathlon, Tony and Gabe play Getto Family Fued and Ghetto Jepardy. Paula wants a great song to walk out for the decathlon. She then offers Gabe a job at Lakewood. Gabe refuses. Carlos walks in on Abby’s shrine to Paula and isn’t happy. Mr. Hayward, seeing Carlos’s attitudes says he’s retiring. Marisol runs into another honors girl who gives her a pro tip. “Every honors student for themselves” and it doesn’t surprise Marisol. She really isn’t happy on the honors side.

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Does Paula actually leave? Who wins the deacthlon? The honors students or Gabe’s student? I love this series. I can’t wait for the next season! What about you? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…