You didn’t want to see me on TV Robert Kirkman? Why? Photo Credit: The Walking Dead Comic book

An interesting note from SDCC Robert Kirkman said that he originally thought that the television show would have ended by now. Even Robert Kirkman couldn’t envision that the show would be such a run away smash hit. He said that his original vision was to have the show end when the group arrives at Alexandria for seemingly a happy ending.

Good thing that didn’t happen! The counter part point to the comics is not even halfway through the story. We would have missed out on moments we already saw, like the walkers coming into Alexandria, and a crossbow to the eye.

Not to mention the prick above and his girl Lucille, the story has so much more to tell, and thankfully now, with how much momentum this show has, they are not going to stop anytime soon. Depending on how long they play out current story lines, we realistically can expect seasons upon seasons of material.

Andrew Lincoln mentioned that their was some talk of lining up the ending of the comic book with the ending of the show, which in a way is a cool way to go about things, but on the other side I’m not sure I want that to happen since the two do have differences and I don’t want either of them to end let alone both.

I could not even imagine what I would do if in a few years we had no Walking Dead or Game of Thrones to look forward to on Sundays.