I was so worried to see people on Twitter postulating that Jussie Smollett might be leaving Empire at the end of the season. They seemed to have come to this conclusion judging by Becky’s conversation with Lucious in the mourning area nearby.

Please don’t let this be true….


giphy – TGON – Empire – FOX

Kai and Jamal are adorable though. I love them together, and I admire the way that Jamal was able to come around and trust his bae despite being worried that Kai’s ex offered him a job in the city.

This episode was bomb, and Giselle continues to be a force against Empire, wanting to gain the CEO job which was passed off to Jeff Kingsley, a tech dude now running a music record company. Basically, he’s a dick, trying to step over Giselle, even though she excelled as the temporary CEO of Empire.

He also tried to force Lucious to go along with his deal, making Cookie and Lucious board members, or risk having their destitute conditions revealed to the press at the gathering.

Lucious was ballsy though, and told the truth, walking out with his boys and Cookie, promising the Lyon family has less than they possessed before, but their focus surrounding creating music and changing lives hadn’t reconditioned.


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Basically, this episode made me want to cry over whoever is potentially in the coffin being carried out by a fleet of pallbearers, Treasure sucks for jumping ship to Empire, and Hakeem needs to get his shit together. Andre needs to watch himself in prison since he’s getting out soon. I admire him wanting to protect the boy, but he needs to be released so he can perform more conniving things for his parents on the outside.