We’ve made it to another Monday, which means more furry art! And we are almost to the end of September as well, which means we’re also almost to the mother of all spooky times – October!

We’ve got some horror/Halloween themed pieces for you this week too! Not as many witches as last week, but still, some good spooks. Let’s get started with the #7 picks:

7. Work in Progress

Starting off this week is this pretty cool drawing of a wolf with some really nice gold accessories and what look like gold runes. On top of that, this is only a work in progress! But I think it looks pretty good so far – I’d love to see how the final piece looks when done! It’s got a lot of what I like personally – a black and gold look, pretty glow effects, and a nice looking character.

6. Canine Riders

Riding on in for the #6 spot is a piece that answers a classic question for fantasy furry stories – what WOULD they ride on? Well according to Shadwolf926, the commissioner of this piece, it’d be on big huge canines. I think it works! And then Sdark goes and brings this concept alive with LOTS to look at and enjoy in a piece. Seriously – what a great looking setting! I love the way this forest is rendered. And the two characters look really nice too – once again, we’ve got some nice gold additions to both of the characters’ outfits. Also notice how they even got the riding methods right, as the girl in the pic is riding sideways. Nice catch.

5. The Wizard

Rolling in at number five is a piece that brings a stylish cool look to our spellcasters by Zyor Art. Seriously, I like that hooded cloak look that the character pulls off. And no wizard would be complete without a glowing show of power. The colors on this work really well too – I like how all pieces of the outfit seem to just blend really well with the character’s black and purple fur. Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen black and purple like this very often. Our wizard friend appears to be some kind of mixed/fantasy species as well – did you catch that tail with what looks like fins? Or maybe it’s another magical spell?

4. A Little Fun

Wrinkle Woof slides into the #4 spot with this dancing cat character complete with lots of glitz and glitter. It’s also admittedly one of the tamest pole dancing images I’ve seen!

What I think Wrinkle does really well is the pose and the way they render the character’s fur – the strokes really make you feel as if you can see every strand of fur. And the pose is an admittedly alluring but also well-done one. Couple that with lots of glitter and colorful lights and you’ve got a shining contender for the #4 spot. Hey, gogo dancers can place on this list too!

Before we dance on up to the top three, let’s check out some honorable mentions. Be careful, this time we’ve also got some spooky:

Pretty nice to see some familiar faces in the honorable mentions! Kyander’s piece would have made the top seven but let’s remember one of the rules: once your piece hits the top spot, it can’t show up as a top pic until the next month.

Speaking of top picks, let’s get into the top three, starting with:

3. Strength and Cunning

Kitsunes just can’t stay off this list it seems like! Kicking off the top three is this really cool piece done by Golden Druid. Speaking of golden, we’ve got this nice gold chain, and a beautiful-looking kitsune set against what I’m assuming is an eclipse. Speaking of the golden chain, I feel like blue and gold is another color combo we don’t see too often.

The theme of this piece is “cunning” and “strong”, and I think it exhibits both perfectly. The shattered chains works good for “Strong”. “Cunning” could be represented by the character being a kitsune fox – foxes are the classic species for cunning. But the look on their face also exudes a confident, cunning feeling.

2. My Precious

What is this, Lord of the Rings? I wonder what exactly the precious is – obviously it’s whatever he’s holding, but it’s kinda hard to see. What’s not hard to see is how cool this piece is. I love the heavy shadows used in this piece, and the bluish glow on the top suggests a moonlit window – that’s always a classic set up. I think it also works as a spooky picture.

C’mon – look at that face. That’s the look of someone who’s downright diabolical. I love the facial expression that Unknownwhiter gave this character. Looks like he’s far and gone with his precious.

And this week’s #1 piece is:

1. Dragon Pumpkin Patch

Looks like Sixth Leaf is back, hitting is with an amazing Halloween-themed piece! This is a really fun piece to look at. You’ve got lots of cute little dragons here and there doing their own thing – including falling through portals and eating pumpkin pie. The huge dragon is cool as well, and then you’ve got another winged-character sitting next to one of the smaller dragons. Couple that with lots of pumpkins and another well-done background by Sixth Leaf and you’ve got another winner for the top pick! Congratulations and well done Sixth Leaf Clover!

And that’ll do it for another week. Looks like we’re getting more and more spooky pics! Great!

While Sixth Leaf’s picture isn’t quite horror and spooky, it still fits Halloween so it works! Can’t have all the Halloween art be scary. I mean c’mon it even has a little dragon on a broom, that’s just adorable!

But the month of October is soon upon us, so we’ll have to see if more Halloween art will pop up! What about you though? Any pieces that you would’ve ranked differently, or do you agree with the list? I’d love to hear your thoughts!