Welcome back to another week of awesome furry artwork! We’ve got some pretty cool pics this week that cover a variety of scenarios and styles.

This first one, for example, takes us a little underwater:

7. Worlds Within Worlds

Uh oh, it’s Maku again! I think he’s tied with Defiance’s character as far as being a recurring character goes. But it’s a nice pic – not only is it hand-drawn, but there’s a lot of cool things going on. For example, check out the little orbs within the treasure chest – each one looks like a different world. Reminds me of the galaxies from Men in Black.

6. Workout

Next, we’ve got a pic that’s quite the workout! KuroAme takes the #6 spot with this lovely cobra gal working out and working it good. Who doesn’t like a good, firm muscular lady? Add in a nice color pallet of some cool greens and purples, and you’ve got an alluring workout piece. There’s even a neat reflection to check out, too.

5. Into the Stage

Dragon Pinkie Pie paints their way into the #5 spot with another somewhat recurring character, Philomela. Mechanical characters are another thing that can be pretty tricky to pull off, but DPP did an excellent job rendering a nice mechanical gal. Not only that, but also mid-pose doing a dance, too!

4. SIGIL.Alpha

It’s the return of the neon, brought to us by Cercat. Armor’s gotta be another tricky thing to get right, especially when you mix in a good load of sci-fi elements to it. There’s a couple of interesting elements to the character too – note how some of the limbs are just bones with some sort of aura around them.

Don’t get too boned though, we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

Quite the musical honorable mentions. Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Martini on Matters

Kicking off the top three is a piece that certainly has some perspective to it. Eruca gives us this top-down view of a skunk that looks upset over some form of paperwork. That black and purple three-piece set is also a nice look, and I really like the emotion on the guy’s face.

2. Night City Runner

Oh look, it’s another one of Defiance’s characters. Looks like we’ve got a decent amount of recurring characters this week! And Valeronich brings them to life with this sweet neon-heavy piece. It’s got a bit of a unique style to it that I can appreciate too. I love the cloudy, space-like filter that seems to be over the overall pic too.

But while far-out neon lights are cool, I think the #1 pick is cooler:

1. FAVS Battle Royal ver 2.0

Check this one out! Apparently, this was some sort of massive commissioned project that occurred sometime last year. While artists Justart27 & Tonywash posted it back in December 2020, I only found it this week as it was reposted by one of the owners of one of the characters…so I guess it counts?

Either way, I’m totally loving this setup that reminds me a lot of games like Capcom vs SNK and Marvel vs. Capcom. The stage select in the center is also very cool, and the dragon sitting atop it adds a lot of awesome to the piece. I wonder if he’s the final boss?

Congratulations and well done Justart17 Tonywash, your piece is the #1 pick for this week! COngrats and well done!

But what do you think of this week’s picks? Would you select them in a different order, or is there an awesome piece I left out of the roster? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next week!