Another Monday, another round of great furry artwork! I’ve got some good news too – we’ve got a personal favorite of mine making a pretty good apperance this week and finally a couple or so spooky pictures. Okay, two of them are witches but hey, witches are the dressing to the Halloween salad. You don’t really need it, but you feel like something’s missing without it.

Silly analogies aside, let’s get right into the picks, starting with:

7. Summer Storms

Up first is this beautiful female otter done by Furlana. I really dig the way that her hair is done, and the stormy background just seems to go with everything well. The colors work really well too, a great shade of orange for the hair that pairs up well with her brown fur and white-pink outfit.

Though interestingly enough it seems to only be the hair that seems to be affected by the storms.

6. Cyber Center

Coming in at the #4 spot is this pretty cool cyber-infused piece by Lackadaisy Tracy. Which fun fact – they also do a long-running webcomic series worth checking out, too!

This piece looks all-around cool though. You’ve got the numerous computer screens in the back (which give me serious Screenslaver vibes for some reason), and a female cat in a center chair that has that confident “Yeah, I’ve got this.” look on her face. Add in some nice shadows and light for extra flair, and you’ve got a piece that digitally comes together well!

5. Spoopy Tortogon Waitress

It’s about time we get a little bit of spooky art in this series! I mean, it’s only some creepy food like a brain burger and finger shakes, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

What really gets my attention, however, is the main character of the piece. True to Teranen’s form, they draw their ladies really cute. But the colors also work really great too. And I love the way the design is as well – different colored hair strands, different colored spots on places like her tail, it’s all just a good design that’s eye-catching. But don’t get allured too much – you might miss the extra-spooky details like the menu!

4. Battlefield Magic

Do spell casters count for spooky art? I guess not – usually witches go better for Halloween than general sorceresses. But that doesn’t mean they can’t score a spot on this list, like this cool-looking spell caster done by Cerbera.

She’s got the good looks, but she’s also got the good outfit too. I’m really digging those dragon-scale-looking pads on her shoulders and lower part of her dress. I’m sure it’s just leather, but it adds an extra ounce to the spell caster look. And of course, you gotta flex by firing up a magical circle. No spell caster is complete without it!

Come to think of it, I wonder how many spell casters we’ve had in this series. Quite a bit I’d imagine.

Speaking of spell casters popping up, let’s check out this week’s honorable mentions, starting with yet another spell caster – but this time she’s a witch!

Quite some enchanting works, wouldn’t you say? Now, let’s get on to the top three, starting with:

3. Stormbreeze Streetfighter

Miles DF never seems to disappoint when one of his pieces pops up on one of my timelines. I still remember that awesome drawing of the female lombax from the new Ratchet and Clank game.

While this piece doesn’t have the super detailed fluff of the female lombax, it’s still a downright awesome take on this commissioner’s character. Purple and green are already a great color combo, and Miles really brings that out with the character. The blue eyes also compliment really well, and practically glow. Add in a mid-action pose, some nice detail on things like the belt, and you’ve got another winner from Miles DF.

2. Starfighter Admiral

Damek, what are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be leading a rebellion? I guess different forms of the character have different roles – but in this piece by Anton HNZ, Damek’s still taking up a leadership role.

And how that role as admiral is rendered! There’s some insane skill going on with this piece. In fact, I neatly mistook it for official art for like a video game, or even a card game. There’s just so much going on with this piece too – once you’re done checking out the interior detail of the ship, check out what’s going on outside. We’ve got the vast expanse of space, phaser shots going off, and of course, space explosions.

And now, this week’s #1 pick is:

1. Town Square Dance

Kyander finally takes the #1 piece with their super colorful depiction of a song and dance session in this fantasy piece. It was tough deciding between Damek’s daring deed and this one, but in the end, I kinda like this one just a little bit more.

Mainly because it’s super colorful, and that color quickly catches the attention, but also because there’s just so many characters. And all of them are done very well! Plus action poses, so bonus points there.

The framing is also well done, with our dancing duo in the center, and other characters places here and there in key spots that really sell that this in the middle of a crowded town. The blur effect is also nice, and helps make the duo center stage, while also not being too blurry so you can check out the other characters just fine. Congratulations and well done Kyander, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that wraps up yet another week! So we’ve had a few witches and one spooky waitress appear in this week’s list. But we’re getting ever-so-closer to October, so I guess I’ll have to keep two eyes and some tentacles out for any creepy art.

I mean I know it’s just September but if Christmas can start in Disneyland literally the day after Halloween, I think I can look out for spooky art in September!

What did you think of the list? Agree with where everyone was, or did you like some pieces differently from me? I’d love to hear your own personal list down in the comments!