Welcome to another week of furry art! We’ve got another excellent, strong list of cool picks lined up for you – including another very close call between the first and second pieces!

7. Wielding the Force

Golden Druid uses the force to kick off this week’s list with this saber-swinging raccoon. I always like the level of detail that she puts into her fur – just check out how fuzzy and furry those paws are! The green lightsaber is also a nice addition, and the green lighting effect on the raccoon makes for some nice eye candy. Mix in a multicolored cosmic background, and you’ve got a good start to this week’s list.

6. Cosmic Phoenix

Coming in at the #6 spot is a piece by Dan Syon that, as one Twitter reply put it, looks like something straight off of a heavy metal album. The phoenix is another type of creature that I’d love to see more art of, and Syron definitely does this mythical beast justice with their interpretation of it. The dark, cold-looking vastness of space is a very heavy contrast to the bright colors (and fire) of the phoenix, giving the piece a sense of power, fire, and majesty.

5. Straight from Hell

Speaking of fire, check out this piece by TLT Echelon. With a wicked design like that, I can certainly believe this is a creature straight from hell. Those black claws look totally wicked, and the black and red markings add a noticeable, otherworldly sense of wickedness to the creature. Not to mention all of the fire swirling and burning around in the piece. The phoenix was more of a majestic fire, but this looks like a fire that’s all about chaos and destruction.

4. Watch Out Girl!

Here to take the edge off the last piece is a rather comedic (and kinda charming) piece by Silverfox. We’ve got a younger, fairly fluffy-looking, Lucario that’s trying to be an ever-classic ladies-man. He’s even doing the good ol’ eyeglasses tilt with the pointer finger. His little fox buddy seems to be having none of that, though, looking quite annoyed that his friend is at it yet again.

Don’t get too lost in Lucario-related antics, though. We’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

A rosy set of honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Turo and the Wandering Lights

Kick off the top three is this gorgeous pictue of a male bat byFeidKedr. I usedto think bats were quite the rare furry art critter, but it seems like they’ve moved from the rare cateogry to uncommon with this series. What really works wel for me in this piece is the soft blue lighting – it really sets the stage for this to be some kind of spiritual forest. According to the description it’s a “dark forest”. It’s a well-detailed piece that delivers quite well with its setting.

2. Sunny Balcony View

And now we move from the magical forests to the marvelous city. Yifeng LZ continues to be a regular on this series with this amazing piece that’s got a beautiful cityscape mixed with a rather handsome wolf. There are so many cool little details to spot as well, such as grains in the floorboard, seagulls flying in the back, reflections in the water, and even small spots of light/dust fluttering in the air.

It’s quite the beautiful piece – and it was narrowly outdone by this week’s #1 pick:

1. Trials of the Teldear

Royz takes this week’s #1 spot with this phenomenal painting of a female mouse in front of a grand banner. It’s so well-done that I honestly had to do a double-take and scan the submission’s tags to make sure it wasn’t some sort of 3D piece. The silk in this piece is simply astounding, with expert use of folds, shades, color, and texture that pulls the material off in a fashion I’ve seldom seen in art. The positioning of the banner’s design is great as well, guiding the eye around the mouse. Which is great, becase then you get to see that marvelous magical amulet.

Congratulations and well-done Royz! Your piece is the #1 pick for this week.

And that brings another week of furry art to a close. June’s going to be another one of those months where the scheduling is quirky, so expect a “week 5” of art for June. Will we see something that tops Royz’s piece? It’s hard to say – that has to be one of my top favorites so far this year.

But what about you? Do you agree with the list? Disagree? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all for next week!