As mentioned in my previous post, Furry Cons are a huge part of this fandom, and there are plenty of cons to see and to attend. There are really two main cons I’m keeping my eyes on for 2018 – and unfortunately one of them I had to duck out on due to scheduling problems. But that still doesn’t mean I can see what all the fuss is about!


CaliFur 2018 – Wild West

CaliFur got a brief mention in the previous post, but this is a little con that’s been around since 2004, where it’s been to a few different locations before arriving at its current meeting spot, the Fairplex Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center over in Pomona, California. CaliFur is a rather small con, garnering numbers that are nowhere near even its sister California con, Further Confusion. Still, it manages to draw in SoCal furs such as myself, and if I attend in 2018 it will be my third year in a row attending CaliFur.

One of the things that I’m really liking is the theme of the con, which is going to be The Wild West, and I’m kinda interested to see what they’ll do. While decorations tend to be hit-or-miss with CaliFur, there’s still other things they could do like sprucing up the website real nice with in-theme designs and wordings (the current landing page for the site even greets you with “Well howdy y’all!”); they could also do themed panels like they did for 2017’s “CaliFur the 13th” where they had a few spooky and horror themed panels. And there’d better be a poker table of some kind somewhere. Though it seems like they do have something called “The Fancy Saloon”, but unfortunately their homepage is still under renovation, so there’s no real concrete info on what that will bring to the table.


Souce: CaliFur Twitter Feed

I kinda like the small-time con aspect of it too. As one fur once described it, it’s kinda just like a bigger furry meetup. And to me, that’s not really too bad. If I ever got more into the world of furries and started going to more bigger cons I think I could learn to appreciate the small, kinda more laid back aspect of CaliFur that I tend to notice. And I think it’d be good to continue to support these small-time cons that more than likely get passed up by the more powerhouse cons like BLFC and MFF.

So in short, I like the theme they’re using, and it’s a small nearby local con that doesn’t require me to travel to far to get to it. Plus a decent amount of my furry friends go to it as well; what’s not to like about that?


Biggest Little Fur Con – A Musical

Now this was a con I was actually planning on going to – until an unfortunate scheduling conflict forced me to shelve that idea and hope for the best in 2019. Drat. Well that, and it also happened to land on Mother’s Day weekend for 2019. Given that this con is in Nevada…well, freeway or airway it’s going to more than likely be packed and busy! Regardless, this is a con that I’m going to be keeping my eye on, as I’m really excited to see what the west coast’s fastest growing furry con has to offer for next year.

Source: BLFC Home Page

What I’m mainly interested in with this con is how they stage their “A Musical” theme. As I mentioned in my previous post, BLFC tends to get really in tune with its themes, rebuilding their site based around it, and even coming up with some short pieces of fiction and lore to give the theme some backstory. With something as broad as “A Musical” it’d be interesting to see what kidna things they come up with. And given that they’ve actually gone and gotten a fursuit commissioned of the Brometheus character from their dystopian storyarc…well it seems like there’s no limits for what antics this con will pull.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to be a part of the festivities. I’ve been wanting to go this one for a while, as lots of west coast furries attend BLFC, and it seems like there’s so much to do in addition to regular con activities. All I know is that when I do go I’m paying for a higher-tier ticket so I can get my neat novelty poker chip.


Honorable 2018 Mentions

Midwest Fur Fest is another con that I’m somewhat interested in, as it’s now the world’s most attended furry convention, and furs from everywhere seem to come to it. However, despite all the hype I can’t see myself going to it anytime in the near future, and especially not in 2018. I also don’t know much about what their new theme entails, and really for me the game is just seeing where they go with their new status and if they continue to grow.

Further Confusion – or FC – is another con I hear about from western furries, but I don’t really know much about it myself. I hear folks talk about it, and some of their themes have been pretty cool – one year’s was a 50’s diner theme – but other than that, I don’t really see myself caring too much about it. Who knows, maybe that will change if I end up attending it? But unfortunately, that will most likely not happen in 2018 and I’ll just be casually watching the festivities from social media.


So those are some of the cons I’m keeping at least one eye on for 2018. Well, two eyes for one of them, and hopefully my fuzzy butt in if the stars align right. Furry cons always seem so fun and full of energy, whether it’s a small-time con or the world’s most attended furry convention. We’ll just have to see what kinda surprises these conventions turn out, and who knows, perhaps another con will do something spectacular and get on the radar.

What cons seem interesting to you? Excited for your own fandom’s convention or conventions for next year? Sound off in the comments below! Thanks for reading, and as always I’ll see you all next time.