It might be the 3rd week of January 2021, but it’s the 2nd week of the new style of curating art! First seen in last week’s list, this new system lets me choose from a bigger pool instead of just simple “daily picks”. I like it!

Enough with the behind the scenes, though. We’ve got lists of furry art to get through. Let’s kick off this week’s list with a nice, balanced stretch:

7. Morning Yoga

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw this one. No, it’s not the pretty mouse that caught my attention – it’s the fact that Natalie De Corsair did something that wasn’t out at night! Either that or full of heavy dark shadows.

The yoga pose is really nice to look at, though. She’s gotta have a lot of upper body strength and good balance to pull something like that off. It makes for a nice curvy image to look at that’s very pleasing on the eyes. And it’s interesting how well it “plays”with the background – notice how the tail curves around the sun and how the tips of her toes end right above one of the mountains.

This also has me wondering: what is it like to do yoga with a tail? Would that be cheating?

6. Street Fashion

Reilukah brings a bit of a contrast with some neon trappings at the #6. Not sure if they’re going for a cyberpunk look, but the heavy pink and blue lighting seems to hint at it. On top of that, you’ve got the designs on her jacket which also have their own neon glow that add an extra layer of awesome.

5. Come Closer

It seems Cyberpunk 2077 has brought out the cyber criminal in all of us. VamptoBite gives us their view of cyberpunk with this mean-looking wolf in a rather nice jacket. Really digging the neon-lit collar and orange gun.

This makes for something of an interesting contrast too, lighting wise. Check out that background and notice how drenched in neon lights and colors it is, and then look back to the wolf. Not so heavy on the neons. As if this is some shady fellow about to offer you a job.

The background is cool as well. I love how bright and neon it is, and the two characters look pretty cool. I like the bartender snake with that electric pink mohawk.

4. Break It Down

Breakdancing? And furry art? More likely than you think!

Coming in at the #4 spot is this adorable breakdancing dragon. I think it still fits the neon aesthetic too, in a way. Just check out those shinny-looking pants!

I’m a sucker for great poses, and this one is an awesome, pretty dynamic pose. Having the picture framed dutch angle-style really adds to that dynamic feeling too. It adds just a bit of extra momentum to things. Plus, using a difficult move like this mid-sequence adds more fun to the drawing. Look at that dragon’s cute little smile!

Don’t get to lost to dance, though. We’ve got some honorable mentions to check out:

What a coincidence! The honorable mentions were led into with a dance, and we leave with a dance. I don’t plan this I swear!

Now onto top three, starting with:

3. Angry Ward

Looks like the top three is kicking off with a macabre detour. Istrandar once again hits the list, this time with another dark fantasy drawing. They’re rapidly becoming one of my new favorites – and what’s not to like? Each picture not only captures some sort of mythology, but there’s usually a story too that elaborates on the picture.

It’s a well-done picture with lots of moody lighting and dark, heavy, eerie shadows. Also, the owl has lots of detail put into it. I don’t think I’ve seen a winged creature rendered this well before. And aspects of it like the white markings on the face and huge wingspan make you feel sorry that this majestic creature was done like this. It almost makes you wish the angered spirit can take is vengance.

2. What’s For Dinner?

And now we take another sudden turn back to the bright and colorful. Talk about contrast!

Don’t get too heated, as Kami Veicht brings the fire with this bright-colored Hearthstone-inspired piece. Those hot, intense colors really catch the eye as you scroll the timeline. Then, there are lots of fun little details, such as the contents of the soup, and the leftover ingredients in the back.

As for the snake, it’s a great companion to all of the bright, warm colors of the piece. Their glowing blue markings and blue cyrstaline horns offer a nice cool down from the bright colors. But, the red bandanna is very striking and goes great with the blue.

Plenty of fun (and good food!) to be had with this one. And now, we’ve got this week’s #1 pick:

1. Hearts on Fire

Kyander is back! And at the #1 spot! Again!

I swear it’s not due to personal bias. Just look at how awesome this picture is! It’s almost like a mix of what we’ve seen this week -lots of hot, warm colors, but some nice, cool colors too. The two ladies make a cute couple too, and that fire heat is a nice, adorable touch. Not to mention the body language the two are expressing.

There’s also just so much to look at in this piece. Lots of nice background and foreground details and everything feels framed just right. It’s, well, a very luxurious and romantic piece.

Congratulations and well done Kyander! Your piece is the top pick for this week!

And that brings the 3rd week of January 2021 to a close. Some hot, neon, fiery work this week, right? Let’s see if next week’s art can give us some real hot pieces!