I can’t lie, I am struggling to get through this season. This season is all about trying to find Laurel and ward off Vivian and Gabriel. As usual the plot is a little iffy, you don’t really know what direction they are going to take with the series finale. But I really do hope it is a good ending. So let’s jump right in.

Frank landed on Bonnie’s doorstep and he was beaten and bloody. Turns our during his search for the elusive Laurel, he ran into her brother Xavier. Who seems just as ignorant of Laurel’s location as everyone. Although, Nate still seems to think Tegan has something to do with her disappearance. But it seems that her disappearance is becoming les and less malicious and more so deliberate. Nate could be on to something, but for now, no seems to know where Laurel is and Frank could possibly die. He was beaten and tortured by Xavier who is also looking for information on Laurel. And the plot gets trickier….as he says her name twice while going in and out of consciousness.

So, a couple episodes back the team worked on a dating app case. Asher was apart of said dating app, no surprise. He got a match on his profile that he was excited for and the date turned out to be his sister. Now, his family, since his dad’s death, pretty much disowned him because they blamed him for his death. They haven’t been around since then. And now all these seasons later, they pop back up. And his sister is asking for his help. Here is where common sense just go out the window. All the crap that they have been through over the years, and he doesn’t find it suspicious that his family is trying to come back?

I guess it is just me because there is nothing that they could have said to me for me to allow them even a second of my time. Buuuuuuuut, this is Asher we are talking about. He listens to his sister manipulative sob sorry and the tales of their mom’s imminent death. I understand the guilt trip, I really do. Especially because he does feel responsible for his dad’s death and probably doesn’t want to be responsible for another parent’s demise. With that being said, if his mom is so sick, why didn’t his sister find him sooner? He should be suspicious and he is not. I do not see that ending well.

I could be right in thinking that Nate is jealous of Tegan because it seems he had something to do with Cora, Tegan’s wife, coming into town secretly. Cora is ready to finalize their divorce and move on. But before their final departing, Cora shares some truths with Tegan. Basically telling her she no longer loved her and that is why she left her. I think that would be considered closure for Tegan. Even though Tegan clearly loves her still. But I think she gotta little crush on Annalise. It leaves me wondering if Cora really meant what she said or if she was just being coached by Nate in his effort to hurt Tegan. I am still trying to figure out what Tegan did to Nate for him to continue meddling in her life. What is his gain?

Can I please just skip anything having to do with Michaela Pratt? Who, by the way, is still lowkey stalking her birth daddy. Remember now, she blames Annalise for that too. Everything is Annalise’s fault, never forget. I feel like she is just over zealous in everything that she does. Super aggressive, even when she gets what she wants. But what does she really want? Does she even know? I don’t think she knows. At first glance it seems to be all about the money, because her dad is filthy rich. But if we look a little deeper, and with Michaela, it ain’t that deep. She may want the money and a relationship with her dad. But of course, the emotional beat down has to happen first. I don’t know, I get the feeling that he is sincere, especially after he hands her a signed blank check.

Annalise and Gabriel seem to come to an uneasy understanding of Sam. It seems that the tapes Vivian gave Gabriel only helped him to understand Annalise even more. And although the situation is a tough one, I can tell that while he may not forgive her, he can understand the situation. Self discovery is the word for this character. He has had more development than the main characters. I only truly like Michaela when she was with Asher, but she messed that up. In the end the Gabriel learns that he was loved and wanted. And we know that Sam chose Vivian and she sent him packing.

In the meantime, Xavier has got Frank believing that Annalise helped Laurel escape. But did yall watch the season finale of season 5 like me? Ok…….Annalise ends up in a whole rehab and they really think she helped her. Make it make sense. Sometimes, I think the writers forget people have memories or maybe it is just my over analytical personality. But it does not add up. Plus Annalise is not one to really lie. She was no good after Laurel and Christopher disappeared. Especially since she was the one who was with Laurel when she disappeared. I guess that is the reason for the suspicion. In the end, Annalise’s $200,000 safety net just up and disappeared. So now Annalise has to cash in on a debt, owed to her by none other than Michaela’s father.