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We open to life falling apart. Pepper getting bailed out of jail. Katy just learned that Lacy’s is being shut down. She was asked by Francois to get the dresses he needs from Guy but Katy hasn’t spoken to him since she accused him of stealing designs from her and the rest of his apprentices. Jorge learned that the bodega he grew up in has to be sold. Alexandria recorded Josie’s song and put it on the radio. Chubby’s is being used as a publicity place for her. Alexander is using again. Ms. Freesia has laid claim to the Pepper Plant. When Katy finally does see Guy, he offers Katy her dream. He just wants her by his side.

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Jorge won’t take this lying down. He talks to Buzz, who happens to work in the Mayor’s office, for legal advice. He finds out he can block the sale of imminant domain but he needs a petition with at least ten thousand signatures. Josie doesn’t know what to do about Alexander or Alexandria. While Katy doesn’t quite believe Guy, she accepts his offer to be his lead designer. She has her own terms. Unfortunately, KO hears Guy tell Katy he loves her and walks away before he can hear Katy’s reply.

Katy decides that she doesn’t want Guy’s offer and declines it. Instead she calls Gloria to help her save Lacy’s. Josie talks to Alexander finally. When he almost literally runs away leaving his coat behind, Josie finds a BAG of dope. I am not talking one of the tiny bags it comes in normally. I mean a quart bag zip lock kind of bag. I have never seen a bag of dope that big. Both Jorge and Katy talk to Pepper and gain her help. Josie helps get Alexander into rehab.

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Alexandria has the gall to thank Josie for her help by asking her to join her band. Josie says that if Alexandria wants to thank her, come to the party at the park. Ginger did her thing when she accepted her crown at the park. I love Ginger. Jorge got the signatures he needs to block the sale and he finds out why his dad has been so hard on him. Katy realizes she wants KO back. Katy gets incredible news and all she wants to do it tell KO. She has to run to get to him because he is getting on a train.

Does Katy get to KO in time? Does she tell him she loves him? Why was Jorge’s dad so hard on him? Did Katy save Lacy’s? This was the last episode of the season. I hope to see a season two. I loved the diversity of the show’s characters. What did you think of this show? Who were your favorite characters and why? Let me know in the comments below.

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