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Marcos’s Thoughts On “The Zygon Invasion”

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Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 7

The Zygons made the most of their returns. For the longest time many DW fans didn’t think much of the Zygons. However after watching this episode, I now have a new found respect for the Zygons and found myself seeing them as the same kind of threat as the Cyber-men. I really enjoyed seeing the Doctor’s views on war and as well as seeing UNIT. This episode also was full of nice Easter eggs to Classic Who if you paid attention. But the two biggest thing I took from “The Zygons Invasion” was the social commentary on war and the fear of a nation. I felt this was a all too real refection on the real world and had me thinking long after the credits. I felt this was a episode that showed a layer of realism. The other was how impact that the real Osgood had on her Zygon twin and how there was a bit more to that 50th special. I sort now miss the real Osgood and felt the feels for her death in this episode.



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