Source: Dimension 20

What is Dimension 20?

Dimension 20 is a D&D streamable show that I have briefly mentioned before. This is the series the sixth season, and it takes place in the realm of Spyre, previously seen in the campaign Fantasy High, on the pirate island Leviathan. This island is unusual in that it is not made of earth, but rather several pirate ships smashed together to form this community’s parcel. It floats in the Celestine Sea and was once controlled by pirate kings. That is until the infamous William Seacaster put an end to the long line of a monarchy. Now it is home to about 1 million pirates, including notable NPCs Ayda Aguefort, Garthy O’Brien, Jamina Joy, and Chungle-Down Bim.

New Season

DM Brennan Lee Mulligan will host this season’s side quest Pirates of Leviathan. It follows the paths of six pirates, known as the Buccaneer Buddies. The characters include Cheese (Carlos Luna), Barbarella “Bob” Sasparilla Gainglynn (Krystina Arielle), Myrtle the Bitch (Aabria Lyengar), Marcid the Typhoon (B. Dave Walters), Sunny Biscotto (Marisha Ray), and Jack Brakkow (Matthew Mercer). Their goal is unknown, aside from the fact that they must save Leviathan from danger. These PCs will begin at level five, and the first episode will stream on September 16, 2020, on Dropout TV.

Personal Thoughts

Dimension 20 has been a staple in my home for a while now, especially during the quarantine. The cast of this season is sure to bring some laughs and enjoyable role-playing. I must admit it is always lovely to see Mercer step out from behind his DM screen and enjoy himself as a PC. In terms of secret hopes I have for this season, there are only two. I would love to see a warlock of Seacaster as well as get closure on Chungle-Down Bim. Overall, I am looking forward to the Pirates of Leviathan campaign and to telling you all about it.