Horror fans rejoice: The Spike TV adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist is upon us!

Source: The Mist Spike

Fans may recognize the title from the book or the 2007 film adaptation by Frank Darabont, but Spike’s adaptation is a fresh take on the concept. While the Mist and the monsters hidden in it will still be invading the town, the focus will be on the human element and watching the developing psocial dynamics and psychosis of the townspeople after the Mist rolls in.

We will get the classic grocery store setting, as well as glimpses of other congregations trying to survive in other locations, including a group hiding in a church, and the town police.

Source: The Mist- Spike

Not sold on the concept alone? You should at least watch the polite to catch American Horror Story alumn Frances Conroy—spoiler alert, IMDB only lists her on for one episode, so we have high hopes of watching her die in the first episode. She is amazing and we will miss her, but based on the promo [link] her character isn’t likable and it implies the show will come out of the gate strong.

Source: The Mist- Spike

So don’t miss The Mist Thursdays on Spike at 10/9c.  Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any streaming options for Spike, besides on Spike.com.